A yummy recipe: Easy Guacamole

It’s been forever since I’ve shared a recipe, but I’m trying to get back into my groove.  I’m not promising the moon.  Or a five-course meal.  But I’ve got a recipe to share.  A delicious appetizer that you’ll want to make over and over again, especially throughout the summer months.

A few years ago, I was at my dear friend Ginger’s house for our monthly Bunko night.  She had made the BEST guacamole and I couldn’t stop at just one bite.  Then, we had our Christmas Bunko at Mary’s and she brought that yummy appetizer again.  I was the one standing over the bowl “taste testing” the guac. #Ididnotdoubledip

She told me the recipe was super easy and on the back of Ro-Tel tomato cans.  I remember immediately going to Hy-Vee, then to Target to scour the tomato aisles in search of this amazing recipe.  I finally found THE can that had the recipe and ever since, my life hasn’t been the same.  Okay.  That may be an exaggeration.  But you get the idea.  This stuff is GOOD.



Ingredients needed

Ingredients needed to make this yummy appetizer/dip

Easy Guacamole

2 large, ripe avocados (peeled, pitted, and cut into large pieces)

1 can Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies (Original flavor is fine, but I LOVE the Hot flavor 🙂 )


4 green onions (chopped)

1 TBSP fresh cilantro

1 TBSP lime juice

1/4 tsp salt and garlic salt (I use a little of each)

Tortilla chips or cut-up vegetables (green peppers, cucumbers, etc…) 

In large bowl, slightly mash the avocado pieces.  Stir in the can of Ro-Tel tomatoes & green chilies.  Add the chopped green onions, cilantro, lime juice, salt & garlic salt.  Serve immediately with tortilla chips or the cut-up vegetables.  *Keep Guacamole in an air-tight container to keep the avocado pieces from turning brown.  Some say that leaving the avocado nut in the bowl will keep the avocado pieces from turning brown.  The lime juice helps prevent this, also.

There you have it!  A delicious appetizer/dip that is so easy to make!  Hubby and I love this.  Maxim is not a fan of “Muacamole” and Nate doesn’t like it, either.  That’s okay.  I didn’t come to appreciate guacamole until my mid-thirties.  I don’t know what to say.  Except that I’m making up for lost time because I eat guacamole OFTEN… 🙂

Happy cooking! ~ Angela Banae


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