Cute shoes gone bad and big toe therapy

If you ever find a pair of shoes that you are just loving loving loving, do not, I repeat DO NOT brag about them.

Tuesday evening, I showed Hubby a pair of wedges that I pulled out of the back of our closet.  Modeling them for him, I gloated about how much I really loved them and was thrilled that I would be able to start wearing them again now that the weather was warming up.  I continued boasting about these darling shoes and how they went perfect with my jeans cuffed up and my turquoise top that I was wearing on that day.  I can’t tell you how happy I was about wearing these wedges.

OH, how I love these wedges!

OH, how I love these wedges!

Let me go ahead and analyze for you why I was just LOVING THOSE SHOES.

1.  Having just gotten a pedicure, I was smitten over my hot pink toenails thinking they looked cute and so happy to not be sporting some snarly toenail issues.

2.  I felt “thrifty” to have found a pair of shoes in my closet that were still cute, giving me no need to purchase a new pair of wedges in the natural brown color.

3.  Pride was overcoming me because I actually felt content about my current spring shoe fashion, once again validating that I had no need to buy new spring shoes.  (This contentment rarely happens and so you can see why I was delighted to have this feeling.)

Well.  All of that joy, thriftiness, and pride came stumbling down yesterday at approximately 11:18 a.m.

I was walking out of Michelle’s house, where we have Bible study every Wednesday morning when SNAP!  A strap on my right shoe snapped unloose.  After a minute of mourning, I then pushed it under my right foot and knew I had no other choice but to proceed with my day.  (And it was a busy day jammed pack with appointments.)

Walking into my hair appointment, I giggled at how awkward it felt.  I immediately confided in my friend and hair stylist, Ciara about my unfortunate event of my wedge sandal strap snapping.  And I wallowed a little more in the fact that these cute shoes would probably need to be thrown away.  Then I remembered.  A few years ago, I had this FAVORITE pair of black wedge sandals and something similar happened, so I ripped off the top straps and taaaadaaa!  I had a new look to the black wedge sandals, making them wearable for two or three more seasons.  Maybe…I could do that to this pair.  Rip off the strap when I get home and then make the other shoe identical by taking off the strap from the left shoe, making them still very useable and fashionable.

At my next appointment, I realized the shoe situation was turning into an elevated alert status.  Things were not looking good.  Right there in the doctor’s office (when she was out of the room) I ripped off the straps and shoved them into my purse.  I cleaned up any remains (plastic, vinyl, whatever) and proceeded to act like a normal patient when she came back into the room.  The only problem was that as I tore off the top portions of the straps, I pulled off the braided portion that was on the wedge/heel, making it flop as I walked. (See picture below of the loose braided piece.)

By the time I made it to my next stop (Target, to purchase ingredients for Resurrection Rolls, which we hope to make tonight and I’ll share on tomorrow’s Fun Friday Favorites.), my shoe status had increased to HIGH ALERT.  Leading me to stop in Target’s shoe department, in search of a pair of shoes to wear RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Standing in the shoe department of Target with my shoe situation on HIGH ALERT.

Standing in the shoe department of Target with my shoe situation on HIGH ALERT.

I don’t know if I’m just becoming more frugal or what, but I hobbled out of the department with not a single new pair of flip flops nor a new pair of wedges.  Honestly, I felt that I have so many shoes at home that looked similar to the ones I would have bought.  So, I spent the money on Peeps, marshmallows, and Cadbury eggs (all in the name of Easter baking).


I slowly shopped for the rest of the baking ingredients with my shoe situation definitely slowing me down and walked ever so gingerly, being careful not to stumble.

After putting the groceries into the car, I called Hubby to tell him of my unfortunate events.  He just listened.  I don’t think he realized the severity of my situation.  I mean, I could barely walk at this point.  The only thing he said was, “Aren’t those new shoes?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear them.”  NO.  They weren’t new shoes.  They were shoes I bought a few years ago.  Clearly, he didn’t see that I was embracing old shoes and being frugal with our money.

During our conversation, we talked about how our toilet handle had broken off that morning, making it of utmost importance that I go and purchase one at Menard’s.  This was my idea, until I realized my shoe situation.  At this point, I was mid-driving with NO SHOES ON.  That’s how uncomfortable my big toes were feeling.  (You try and keep your feet in a HIGH pair of wedges, all the while, having the straps begin to loosen up and stretch out.  It’s not fun.  Nor comfy feeling.)  I brushed off the shoe problem and in the name of love, stopped at Menard’s to purchase a toilet handle.

At this point, I want you to picture in your mind a seven year old girl trying to wear her mother’s high heels.  Shoes flopping loudly as she tries to walk carelessly, all the while looking COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS.  Walking with a little shake and wobble.  Or maybe a BIG shake and a BIG wobble.  That was me.

I’m sure the Menard’s employees and customers were wondering “What on EARTH is wrong with this woman?” as I LOUDLY hobbled through the aisles in search of a toilet handle.

And so, I made it home with appointments checked off my list, baking ingredients bought, and a new toilet handle in hand.  And my shoes.  Barely, but they were still on my feet.  And this is what they looked like…

See the ripped strap BARELY hanging on?

See the ripped strap BARELY hanging on?

Yes.  I was one hot mess.

Cute shoes gone bad.

Cute shoes gone bad.

The moral of the story:  never boast about cute shoes.  Because one minute you will boast about them.  The next minute, they will be your worst nightmare.

Now, I think my big toes need therapy and medical attention.  They worked so hard yesterday to keep my feet in those broken wedges.  I may have even rubbed skin off the bottoms of them.  All in the name of fashion.  And maybe pride.

I’m thinking about keeping a pair of flip flops in my car at all times.  In case of shoe emergencies like the one I had yesterday.  My big toes will thank me.

Have you ever had a bad shoe day?  I have a few friends who have had some very funny shoe stories.  Share your story…I’d love a good laugh 🙂



  • Michelle E
    April 2, 2015

    Funny that you mention shoe trouble and Target. This didn’t happen to me, but I was witness to it this morning as I was running down each aisle in the grocery part of Target… I turned down the baking aisle and there was a lady standing there with a bunch of stuff on the floor in front of her. i thought maybe she was a “stocker” but she was wearing non-red/tan clothes. She had 2 different shoes on, one high heels and the other flats (with the elastic-thingy attached to the other). I walked by like nothing was happening, but I think she was having a shoe emergency of some sort. It happens all over. Thanks for the funny story Angela!

  • Michelle
    April 2, 2015

    Funny story! I just commented how cute your shoes were prior to you leaving my house. I will never compliment you again

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