Fun Friday: And then October strolled in…

I can’t believe that it’s October.  Nate’s expression in this picture says it all.  “What?!  Where did September go??” I am agreeing with all of those Pinterest quotes about October and fall.

Yes, it’s time to pull out those scarves, boots, and hats.  Having soup daily is okay because it’s COOLER WEATHER.  Wearing sweatshirts while out on a walk just makes life comfy.  Candy corn (and candy pumpkins…which I think are even better than candy corn), apple cider, and pumpkin EVERYTHING…oh, fall is so great.  Not to mention the beauty of our world…golden soybeans waiting to be harvested, red and orange leaves paint the landscape against a beautiful blue October sky.  October is divine.


Today’s Fun Friday Favorites will be just perfect for this fall weather.


1.  Infinity Loop Scarf at Von Maur –

Such a cute, chunky scarf

Such a cute, chunky scarf

I saw an infinity scarf similar to this one at Von Maur, but I LOVE this one.  A classic staple to add to your wardrobe.


2.  Funnel-Neck Poncho from Old Navy –

A poncho


I have a few ponchos and I love them.  Wear them with skinny jeans and some boots…super cute.  This gray one is just adorable.  Don’t forget to add two or three long necklaces with this…accessorize friends.  Accessorize.


3.  Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy –

I love all of the colors it comes in

I love all of the colors this comes in

I tried this on at Old Navy and had to exert some self-control.  I just love this light taupe brown color.  Or the burgundy.  Or the orange one.  Or the…yah.  I like ’em all.



4.  Plaid flannel boyfriend shirt from Old Navy –

Plaid.  My weakness.

Plaid. My weakness.

Oh.  Plaid.  You are my weakness.  I just HAD to get this shirt when I was at Old Navy.  I wore it the other night to my friend’s Signature Homestyles party.  With a puffer vest and boots.  If you don’t have a plaid shirt, then run to the nearest Old Navy.  (Okay, that may be a little extreme.  Especially considering for some of you, the nearest Old Navy is 53 miles away.)  Forget that advice.  But get online and purchase one.  You’ll love feeling all “fall-y”.


5.  Open-Front Cardigan from Old Navy –

This would be a great comfy cardigan

This would be a great comfy cardigan

Well, they didn’t have my size in this gray…I may have to get online and order this.  It comes in the gray shown or black.  My theory is this:  One can never have too many gray or black comfy open-front cardigans.  (I know, I have so much useful knowledge.  And of course, it’s research based and scientifically backed up.)  Throw some leggings on with this and it’ll be perfect for that fall day as you work around the house, sipping on your cider or coffee while putting out pumpkins or making that delicious crockpot soup.


6.  “Give Thanks” sign from Signature Homestyles –

Just look at this harvest decor!

Just look at this harvest decor!

I had never been to a Signature Homestyles party until I went to Liz’s.  And I saw this Give Thanks sign and it just screamed. my. name.  It’s $48 and I plan to put it up on our buffet by our kitchen table.  It’ll sit on an easel, with a brown runner pooled around the easel, and some type of candle or vase of fall flowers next to it.  I like what the sales rep said, “We tend to overlook Thanksgiving.  We decorate for fall, Halloween, and then go right into Christmas.”  And she’s right.  Of course, I have fall pumpkins, scarecrows, and jack-o-lanterns up.  But nothing that specifically recognizes Thanksgiving.  Now, I do!


7.  Turkey decor –

We all need a little turkey.

We all need a little turkey.

Perhaps a white turkey?

Perhaps a white turkey?

Alright.  I realize this is an October post.  But friends.  I am here to HELP you.  What happens is this:  November rolls around and if you are like me, you start to think about turkeys and Thanksgiving.  But IT IS TOO LATE.  As in, too late to purchase a good turkey decoration.  Because we all know that all of the cute turkeys are gone.  Shoppers who don’t procrastinate have already swooped in and bought them all.  So, I plan to purchase a turkey in the next week or so.  I’ve always wanted one.  Such a classic holiday decoration for your table or buffet.  I can’t make up my mind between these two fellas (both from Von Maur).  What are your thoughts?  The multi-colored one or the simple white turkey?


Have a wonderful weekend!!  Enjoy the beauty of fall!


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  • Jolee Jansen
    October 8, 2014

    I love the white one. SImple and chic, “turkey-chic”?

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