Fun Friday Favorites: A little men’s fashion because I don’t discriminate and Central College apparel

I’m sitting here right now, working on my second cup of coffee. That’s what happens when you’ve hardly slept and feel like you’ve been running all over the universe. Or maybe just northeastern Iowa.

It has been a busy week. We’ve worked on keeping the beat and other trombone skills, read about little puppies getting lost (Maxim’s reading book), and applied various math strategies to the 5th grade math homework Nate brought home. #goodtimes

The week was actually no busier than usual, except that I was doing it all by myself. Hubby was on an elk hunt for about eight days out in the wilderness terrain of Colorado. And though he didn’t shoot an elk, we have bloody elk teeth lying on our kitchen counter. I know. You are so jealous. That would be what you call “souvenirs” for our boys. Yes. Nate and Maxim were just as bummed that Daddy didn’t shoot a big elk (though kudos to Wade and Tom for each catching getting, I mean SHOOTING one). So, Hubby did what any good dad would do and brought home bloody elk tooth from the elk Tom shot. HEY. They ARE wrapped in a paper towel. We aren’t that disgusting around here.

With Hubby home, we can all sleep more soundly and I won’t have to duplicate myself in efforts of trying to be at two basketball practices at once. We will be back to our “divide and conquer” parenting.

Now that you’re all caught up on the Patterson family events, let’s turn it to Fun Friday Favorites.

Wednesday, I wrote a post about my AMAZING time back at Central and how I celebrated our 20th year class reunion. 20th year class reunion at Central…we showed up and we did it well

Well, thank you to all who checked it out! And I realized something…I should probably be more aware of my audience. YES. I’m talking about you MEN.

I thought I’d add some “men” items to our Fun Friday Favorites each week. Come on, ladies. You know, it’ll only help you since you probably do 98% of your husband’s shopping. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who shops for her hubby.) This is what I call a win-win. And I feel so politically correct to be running a blog that is non-discriminatory.

Without further delay…I give you Fun Friday Favorites.


1. Threads 4 Thought Heathered Pocket Tee from Von Maur –

A classic shirt to wear out on Friday night.

A casual shirt to wear out on a date night. (What’s date night? I know. They are far and few between with all of the kids’ activities.)

I love a gray shirt (SHOCKING) and I tend to buy gray tee’s for Hubby, too. Or this pocket tee from Von Maur comes in a few other colors. Black is another nice option.


2. Lucky Brand 361 Vintage jeans from Von Maur –

Lucky Brand jeans - great denim.

Lucky Brand jeans – great denim jeans. Period.

I love the wash and the vintage look. Wear this with the heathered pocket tee shown above OR the sweatshirt shown below…


3. Central College Under Armour sweatshirt from the The Central Shoppe (that would be The Bookstore, known to 20+ year alums like myself) –

Love this classic college sweatshirt!

Love this classic college hoodie!

If you check out the link above, it takes you to the Central Shoppe. I bought this for Patrick last weekend. $65…not a bad price. Not what it was 20 years ago, but it’ll do.


4. Lush ‘Perfect’ Roll Tab Sleeve Tunic from Nordstroms –

Love this.

Love this.

I bought this in black over the summer, but this ivory color. LOVE it. I’m trying to show some self-control…I’m about 3.6 seconds from adding it to my shopping cart at the Nordstroms online website.


5. Flying Monkey classic skinny jeans from Von Maur –


A great skinny jean.

A great skinny jean.

I have a pair of these. They almost fall into the jegging (half jean/half legging) category. I love them. They’d look great with that ivory blouse above. Or go more casual and wear it with this top from The Central Shoppe


6. Dutch long sleeve tee from Central College’s bookstore Central Shoppe –

Way cuter on. This photo does not do it justice.

Way cuter on. This photo does not do it justice.

The back of the tee

The back of the tee

Check out Wednesday’s post…some of my peeps had it on. Super cute long sleeve tee for $35, I believe.


7. Central College Under Armour sweatshirt from The Central Shoppe –

$65 for this beauty.

$65 for this gem.

I bought this for myself. To: Me From: Me, With Love. Back in the college days, I had every color in this type of sweatshirt. Except for black. Now, my closet is complete. For size reference, I bought a medium. Great with leggings or skinny jeans.

Maxim and me

Maxim and me


8. Kids’ sweatshirts from The Central Shoppe –

These two :)

These two :)

You can’t go and buy sweatshirts for yourself and your spouse and NOT buy something for your kiddos. They would have revolted. I bought them each a Central College sweatshirt and they have worn their sweatshirt ALL WEEK LONG. I bought Nate a large and Maxim a medium.


9. Central College koozies –

$6.00 a piece.

$6.00 a piece.

These. I had to buy a few koozies. (Or coozies. Whatev.) We all need a good koozie. Enough said.

Gosh. I know I’ve highlighted A LOT of Central College stuff. I feel like I should be back in the bookstore, working and ringing up sales. Too bad we can’t still “charge it to our account”. (My parents always wondered why my college bill seemed to be so steep. That’s what four sweatshirts every trimester will do to your bill. Jack it all up.)

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the Fun Friday Favorites. What are your thoughts of highlighting men’s fashion? (As well, as women’s. Ladies, you know I’d never leave out our fashion.) Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog by signing up with your email address…do so! That way, you’ll always get a notice the MINUTE I publish a new blog post.

Well, friends. Have a great weekend enjoying the fall weather! Catch up on some college football. Make a pot of soup. Get your Halloween costumes ordered. Or if you live in my house, wash some bloody elk teeth so they can be admired for the beautiful ivory that they are.   xo Angela Banae






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