Fun Friday Favorites: Beach Fashion because I’m ready for summer

I’m clearly aware that it is May 1st…May Day.  And I hope you are busy helping your children fill up Solo cups with popcorn and licorice and bubble gum because we MUST KEEP THE MAY DAY TRADITION GOING STRONG.  I ran to Target last night to buy the last three bags of pre-popped popcorn and stocked up on a variety of sweets for us to use in our May Day baskets cups.

Other than buying out the popcorn from the shelves of Target, we’ve had our usual week of practices, practices, meetings, and more practices.  Of course, that means gourmet suppers (hahaha) and doing homework in the car.  Just your typical busy life.

Today, my Fun Friday Favorites are all about getting you (and I) prepared for summer.  Yes, it’s May 1st, but you know my theory.  Buy now or all of the cute stuff will be gone.  So, I thought it’d be fun to dream about what to wear on that tropical vacation you are planning for summer.  Or maybe what you’ll throw on when you go to soak up the rays at your local pool, which the boys and I plan to do.  Whatever you do, you’ll need to start thinking about beach attire.  Or pool attire.  Lake attire…you get the idea.


1.  Tank Cover-up by Xhilaration –

Such a cute and simple cover up

Such a cute and simple cover up

This cover up is at Target.  I like the simplicity of it and the price couldn’t be better.


2.  D & Y Convertible Cover up/Scarf –

This comes in black, also

So classy

I saw this at Von Maur and feel in love with it.  I’m not sure about the whole cover-up/scarf deal.  I guess you can transform it into a scarf?  Okay, I’m not going to say never, but hmmmm…I’ll stick to appreciating it as a cover up.


3.  Lucky Brand Dream Catcher Swim Cover up Romper –

This is a super cute romper :)

This is a super cute romper :)

I am loving this romper.  It takes me back to second grade when I used to wear rompers myself.  Except mine was white with little flowers all over it.  And it was homemade, not from Von Maur.  Anyway, I think this is a cute romper to throw on over your swimsuit.


4.  Raviya Cover-Up Tunic with Lace Insets –


Yes, I’d love one of these

I love the tunic look with the flare sleeves.  The lace adds a nice feminine touch to this cover up, too.  And I found this on Von Maur’s website, just in case you feel the need to purchase it.


5.  D & Y Texture Weave Panama Hat –


Charming and stylish

Last summer, when we took the boys to St. Pete’s Beach (See my blog posts about our vacation St. Pete’s Beach part 1 and St. Pete’s Beach part 2), I was wishing so badly that I had a cute hat to cover up my frizzy hair from the Florida humidity.  This Panama hat is pretty stylish and it would have hidden my crazy hair perfectly. #lessonlearned  This hat is at Von Maur and it’s not a bad price.


6.  Havaianas Slim Crystal Poem flip flops –



Ok.  You all know my deep-rooted love for Havaianas.  Well, Von Maur has these black flip flops with a cute crystal on the toe and I feel in love with them when I saw them a few weeks ago.  These are similar to the Havaianas I bought last year, except that these have bigger bling on the toe strap.  Which is just fine with me.  Go big or go home, I say.


7.  Old Navy’s Gauze swim cover up –


Such a reasonable price!

I saw this on Old Navy’s website and loved the pink color.  And it’s on sale…win win.



8.  Old Navy’s Chiffon Maxi swim cover up –

for the dressy woman in you

For the dressy woman in you

Well.  I’m trying to cover all the bases here.  This swim cover up is pretty and if you are partial to being a little more glamorous by the pool, then this cover up is for you, sister. Personally, my boys would get confused and think I was heading to church in this pretty maxi rather than the pool.  BUT.  If I were to go on a tropical beach getaway with Hubby (ah hum 😉 ), then this would be fun to take along.  A little glamorous and not your everyday swim cover up…perfect for a tropical vacation getaway.


9.  Echo Design Geo Butterfly cover up from Zappos –

I love everything about this.

I love everything about this.

I love the style of this cover up, the color, the flowing sleeves…pretty much everything about this cover up.  Zappos has some great cover ups, so check them out!


10.  Athena Finesse Multi Dress cover up –

Such a great classic

Such a great classic

This is on Zappos, too.  I picked this one because it is EXACTLY like the black Gap dress/cover up I have.  I’ve worn it for three or four years, making it a great classic that doesn’t go out of style.  And yes.  You can wear it as a dress or a cover up.  So versatile.


11.  Canvas Crew Tote from Thirty-One –

A great beach bag for summer!

A great tote for summer!

I got this tote last year in the pink straw stripes (the pink is no longer available) and I loved it!  It’s such a great tote and I love the turquoise straw stripe.  The other bags are canvas and they look cute, too!  It’s a perfect bag for summer.  These totes are $65 and you can order it on my Thirty-One website and have it shipped directly to you!  (*Plus, the May special is one of our best specials) Just click on my link and shop now for your great summer totes!  Or contact me personally, as I’ll be putting in an order mid-May.

For an additional $7, you can personalize your tote!

For an additional $7, you can personalize your tote!

Splish Splash is another cute phrase you can put on your bag.  Or your last name?  Endless possibilities!

Splish Splash is another cute phrase you can put on your bag. Or your last name? Endless possibilities!

The boys and me...check out my cover up AND my beach tote! :)

The boys and me…check out my cover up AND my beach tote! :)


12.  Thirty-One’s Customer Special for May –

I love this large utility tote in the Grey Wave fabric!

I love this large utility tote in the Grey Wave fabric!

If you decide to purchase the darling canvas crew tote, then you qualify for the May Customer Special!  For every $35 you spend, you can purchase one large utility tote in the color of your choice for only $10.  (*And you can personalize it for an additional $7)  I love these totes.  They are perfect for packing snacks and food if you’re going on vacation, throw beach towels in them and take it to the lake, pack picnic supplies in it…so many ways to use this tote!

All of the colors the large utility tote comes in

All of the colors the large utility tote comes in

Again, you can check out my website to see all of the darling totes and bags for summer or personally give me your order and I’ll put it on my May show.  With these totes, you’ll be ready to hit the pool!


Well, hopefully, I’ve gotten you in the mood for some beach attire and accessories.  I know I’m ready for summer!  Are you?

Have a wonderful weekend!






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