Fun Friday Favorites: Comfy and cozy fashion for lazy weekends

I’m happy to inform you that the kittens are continuing to do well and in regards to my post on Wednesday Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Yes…the kittens, I’m not feeling the pressure of having to “entertain” them. They are having all sorts of fun playing with each other, bumping and banging things downstairs. I’m sure at some point, I’ll go downstairs to see that they’ve decorated our Christmas tree or started playing with the Thomas the Train table.

Well, it’s time for Fun Friday Favorites. Can I get a “Hallelujah”?! This has been an extremely long and busy week and I’m ready for the weekend. By today’s blog title, can you tell I’m ready for some down time? Comfy and cozy fashion? YES, PLEASE. And I’ve kept all of today’s favorite fashions in one easy spot for you to find…at Nordstrom’s website. Yes. I know you’re busy and you don’t need to peruse the world wide web of comfy and cozy fashion, hitting a bazillion different links and stores. It’s a one-stop-shop and it’s at Nordstrom’s online.

1. Nordstrom’s Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan –

THIS cardigan. OH. The softness!

THIS cardigan. OH. The softness!

At the end of summer, Nordstrom’s had their big online sale (40% off, I think) and I bought this cardigan. It’s “lounge wear”, but I think one could wear it out and about if one wanted to. (I would.) Anyway. This cardigan has been the RAVE for the past year or so. I tried to order it last year, but it was always sold out. Then, I finally had success, but I will tell you…it does run narrow through the arms (just as it states), but it will stretch as you wear it. YOU GUYS. This cardigan. It feels as though it were made from the wings of an angel and it’s SOFTNESS and COZINESS is DIVINE. You’ll thank me for recommending this cardigan.


2. Nordstrom’s PJ Salvage jersey pajamas –

Soft jammies...a perfect way to end a long day.

Soft jammies…a perfect way to end a long day.

I got these when they had the sale and oh, my. I’ve never had such soft, lightweight pajamas. And these are on sale! I like them so much, I’d be thrilled with another pair…

I think I'd like another pair...this print is cute!

This print is cute!

So soft and comfy :)

So soft and comfy :)


3. Nordstrom’s leopard print UGG slippers –

UGG Leopard print slide slippers...LOVE

UGG Leopard print slide slippers…LOVE

How cute are these??? They look so plush…perfect for wearing around the house on a lazy weekend! I have the UGG Dakota slippers, but these…these slippers are so stylin! And they look comfy and cozy.


4. Nordstrom’s Nike “Rally” Jogger sweatpants –


Nike sweats...always a classic

Nike sweats…always a classic

I like the length of these. Perfect for fall and winter. And grey? You know how I love me some grey. They’d go with everything. Plus, if you were relaxing in these sweatpants and maybe binge watching some t.v. over the weekend and perhaps someone came to your door, you would look like you were in mid-workout mode and not just laying around, binge watching t.v. #winwin


5. Nordstrom’s Nike Training Pants –

A must-have

A must-have

Again, workout pants yet, you can wear these ALL DAY. To Target. To Fareway. To the movie, for crying out loud. These black pants are workout pants, yet you can workout however you want. Work out your shopping. Work out your grocery list. Work out your movie-watching. They are the “new” black yoga pants look…just a little slimmer at the ankle.


6. Nordstrom’s Nike “Rally” Zip Hoodie –

Perfect for the cool fall mornings.

Perfect for the cool fall mornings.

Well. Wouldn’t this look perfect with one of the pairs of Nike pants shown above? I think it would. I love zip hoodies because if you feel a hot flash moment coming over you, you can tie your hoodie around your waist (as long as you have a tshirt on underneath, of course). And this is on sale at Nordstrom’s online site. Plus, free shipping.


7. Time to plan meals –

Well, this is my thing I plan to do this weekend. While wearing my comfy and cozy fashion. We’ve been so busy this week and I’m needing to take time to plan some meals. Crockpot meals. Easy meals. Good tasting meals my family will eat. Because though we love us some Chick-fil-A, the eating out must stop. So, I’m going to plan some meals that we will all enjoy. Which leads me to this question…do you have an easy, favorite meal that you whip up often? Share it in the comments below! I’m always looking for a new (and EASY) recipe!


I hope you have a great weekend enjoying some R & R. We all need some rest and relaxation! Get your comfy clothes on. Curl up with a good book. Or your planner and plan some tasty meals. Have a super weekend!! ~ Angela Banae



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