Fun Friday Favorites: Delicious Maid-Rites, cozy sweaters, and great t.v. shows

Wow.  That title sounds like we are in mid-October.  With the weather lately, I’m feeling like it is.  I don’t even want to think about how little our family pool pass is getting used right now.  Seriously.  This sunshine loving gal is needing to see some more sunshine!  Well, rain or shine or fog or clouds…it’s time for Fun Friday Favorites.


1. Delicious Maid-Rites –

The most delicious Maid-Rites EVER!

The most delicious Maid-Rites EVER!

These are some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever make.  And they are super duper easy.  I’ve taken them in a large crockpot to work for our “Soup and Sandwich Fridays” and they were loved by many.  You’ll be thanking me for this easy recipe and it’s sure to become a family favorite.


2 lbs. ground beef

garlic powder or garlic salt (whatever you have in your cupboard)



1 can of Pepsi

Brown ground beef.  Drain off fat.  Add garlic salt, salt, & pepper to taste.  (Maybe 1/2 tsp or so of each salt & 3/4 tsp of pepper?)  Pour in about 3/4 can of Pepsi.  Let simmer, until liquid has been mostly absorbed.  Keep warm in crockpot.  Serve on buns.  Enjoy!


2. Splendid Roll-Sleeve Cardigan –

IMG_2713 IMG_2729

I saw this at Von Maur and oh. my. word. Gray and comfy…how can you NOT like this cardigan.  It would look great with skinny jeans, like I have on in the picture.  (I’m surprised you don’t see two boys in the mirror.  Oh, wait.  That’s right…they were hiding under the racks of clothes.)  (Shopping with boys can be challenging.)  In the fall, I’d wear it with some boots, but flats would look great, also.  It’s $80 and I’m sure you’d wear it every other day with how soft and comfy it feels.


3. Free People sweater –


What can I say?  I like gray.  (Like you didn’t know that about me.)  I saw this at Von Maur and instantly fell in love with this sweater by Free People.  It is $98 and you’d be stylin’ in this.  (Hubby…if you are reading this…hint, hint.  It’d be a great birthday present.)  It’s so soft and cozy looking with the big cowl neck.  (I’m seeing a theme here…gray, comfy.  Yes, I might be getting ready for some fall weather.)


4. Fixer Upper –

Fixer Upper on HGTV

Fixer Upper on HGTV

I am in love with this show on HGTV.  I love how Chip and Joanna Gaines will find a home and fix it up for a family to make the home absolutely beautiful.  I love Joanna’s style of decorating.  Not to mention that she wears great boots with her stylish outfits, as well.  Check this show out.  It’s a show for the whole family.  Nate is already loving it as much as I do.  (Even Maxim is getting into the show…he will ask me “Is that the new house look or the old house?”)  Set your DVR for this one.  You’ll be wanting them to come to your home and fix it up.  Or maybe you’ll just want to move to Texas.


5.  Shark Week –


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.22.33 PM

People.  Listen.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the YEAR.  Because who doesn’t love to watch Shark Week on Discovery channel?  It begins Sunday night at 7:00.  We’ll be watching it and reminiscing about our very own shark experience we had at St. Pete’s Beach, earlier in the summer.  (On a personal note, I love the commercial out with Rob Lowe in it.  He was my heart-throb from way back when…)


6.  Moments with the boys –

With the first day of school on our heels, I’m doing what every good mom does.  I’m running the boys to appointments and activities.  Hair cuts, dentist appointments, eye appointments, football camp.  On Wednesday, after Nate’s football camp, the boys got hair cuts, then we went to eye appointments.  Eye appointments went well.



Since Nate is going into 4th grade, he was finally old enough to attend Prairie High School’s football camp (for 4th-8th graders).  The camp ran Monday through Thursday for two hours each morning and he loved every. minute. of. it.  Here he is on his last day…after the camp.


Max and I went early to watch him and “play a little football” ourselves.

Little brother entertaining himself while big brother is at camp

Little brother entertaining himself while big brother is at camp

At the end of camp, they were all huddled on the field listening to the coaches talk.


And I was so excited to hear the coach announce the winners for each grade in their 40 yd. sprint off.  “Fourth grade…Nate Patterson.”  I was all pumped up.  And glowing.  (A proud mommy moment.  So happy to hear that Nate gave it his all and was able to do so well.)


7.  Feeling like the “Fun Director” on a cruise ship –

Well, isn’t it funny how God works?  Last week, I was all sappy and sad.  Because I couldn’t believe that school was just around the corner and our boys would be heading off to math, reading, and writing all day long.  WELP.  This week, God has helped me with that sadness.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I will still be sad when school starts.  But.  This week.  I have felt like my job is the “Fun Director” aboard a cruise ship.  Nate is so much like me.  Always wanting to have friends over to entertain, have fun, or organize a game of baseball (I say this loosely.  If you call making up your own rules, that include lobbing the ball (it’s a soft baseball) at the person to get them ‘out’, then yes.  Baseball.  The boys have had many o’ nights of baseball games going on this week.)

Anyway, between baseball games, running Nate to football camp, Max and I playing football to pass the time at Nate’s camp…all of these activities have been fun, but I’m feeling exhausted from all of this fun partyin’ and playin’.  I know in about three weeks, I’m going to be missing this.  So for now, I’m going to enjoy my latest job title of being the Fun Director.


So, if you’re needing a Fun Director…just call or send me an email.  I have LOTS of experience.  I almost feel like I could be aboard the Love Boat.  And, I have great references…they are five and nine years old.  They will tell you that yes…we are having FUN.

Have a great weekend!








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