Fun Friday Favorites: Fall fashion, Homecoming, and I’ve been celebrating my birthday all week long

If you know me, you know that I get excited about birthdays. REALLY excited. And in true Angela Banae form, I’ve been hooting and hollering it up all week since this is my birthday week. #partyon

By hooting and hollering, I mean going to football practice, basketball practice, rounding decimals to the nearest hundred thousand, and making two crockpot meals. Exciting times.

In all honesty, I told Hubby thank you for the early birthday treat that I scheduled for myself and enjoyed yesterday. (Before you question my intent, know that he and the boys will often get me a gift certificate for a massage. Knowing the next few weeks are going to be extremely busy, I thought I’d schedule it when it worked…a few days before my birthday.) So, I took it upon myself to book a facial and massage at The Sanctuary Spa and oh. my. word. It was delightful. I was so relaxed that I slipped in and out of consciousness, I do believe. That my friends, is the sign of a relaxing time.

One thing I love about The Sanctuary is their Relaxation Room. They give you a plush blanket (I’m a sucker for plush blankets), a warm and delightful smelling neck wrap, a beverage of choice, and a very comfy chair…all while sitting in their dark Relaxation Room, enjoying the pretty fireplace.

My view. So relaxing.

My view. So relaxing.

Other than taking a moment out of the busy week to do some pre-birthday celebrating, we’ve been busy with other things, like thoroughly enjoying the festivities of Homecoming Week. And this starts off my Fun Friday Favorites…


1. Nate wearing Daddy’s high school football jersey for Throwback Thursday –

Hubby went to Iowa Valley and their colors are the same as Prairie’s. Win win. 🙂 Nate was so pumped to wear Hubby’s jersey. He rocked it!

I. Can't. Even. #futurefootballstar

I. Can’t. Even. #futurefootballstar


Seriously. This kid. I love him so much!

Seriously. This kid. I love him so much!


2. Maxim celebrating Sports Day –

I forgot to take a pic of my favorite first grader before school, but this is Maxim and Nate after school…

Brotherly love :)

Brotherly love :)


And now, I give you the fall fashion for today…


3. Wooden Ships sweater from Von Maur –

I love this. Period.

I love this. Period.


I saw this and loved everything about it. The color. The style. It’s perfect for fall. I think my picture does it justice. Not the model below…she makes it look like she has bat wings. Yikes!


Ummmm…strange pose, eh?


4. Wooden Ships Buffalo Checked Boxy Sweater from Von Maur –

The plaid is fun.

The plaid is fun

I love this brand...Wooden Ships.

I love this brand…Wooden Ships.


5. This Wooden Ships cream and taupe cowl neck sweater from Von Maur –

Oh. Yes. I'd love this sweater, too.

Oh. Yes. I’d love this sweater, too.

Wouldn’t this look great with some brown boots? Von Maur had a stack of these sweaters…I was trying on the small/medium.


6. Matty M cardigan from Von Maur –

Love me a cardigan.

Love me a grey cardigan.

This looks so cute and you could dress it up with some black skinny pants or wear your favorite jeans with it.


7. Love Always striped ruches sweater from Von Maur –

Great colors for fall!

Great colors for fall!

And just in case you thought I only like grey cardigans (hahaha)… This caught my eye and I love tangerine and grey together.


Get out your cardigans. Whip up some soup or a crockpot meal. Visit a pumpkin patch. Or decorate your home with some gourds and scarecrows. Whatever you do, do it well! Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the gorgeous fall weather!  ~ xo Angela Banae



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