Fun Friday Favorites: Fitbits, rugs, and mugs (and the Days of Our Lives)

Warning:  The first half of Fun Friday Favorites is reminiscent of the Days of Our Lives. Except Bo Brady and Hope aren’t smooching. And Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black aren’t reuniting. No. My Days of Our Lives is about our house and the crud and the blah days of our lives we’ve been living. Enjoy. Hahaha

I hope your week has been better than ours. We’ve had a week of the crud around here. Last Saturday morning, Nate informed Hubby and me that he had a very sore throat. At that moment, Hubby and I looked at each other thinking, “Oh boy. He’s sick.” Because Nate never complains of feeling blah. He’s always full of spunk and ready to take on the world. Saturday, he continued to decline in spunk and by the evening, he was wiped out. In bed by 7:30. THAT is when you know you have a sick kiddo.

Sunday morning, we knew a doctor’s visit was necessary. After I went to church, I met Hubby and the boys and took them to see Dr. Rick. Maxim was checked out because he had been hacking all week and Dr. Rick confirmed that he was on the road to “almost better”. Nate on the other hand had full blown croup. Normally, little ones get croup, but even bigs can get it. And so, he rested and chilled all day on Sunday. And Monday. (And for the record, Maxim stayed home Monday, too.) (He claimed to “feel sick”, but I need to start calling his bluff more. Because by 1:00, he was JUST FINE.)

Tuesday, I was more than ready to send our sweet lovelies off to school. AND THEN. I got a call from Nate’s school over lunch hour. He was still feeling awful. I picked him up and he was in tears. So back to the doctor we went. After checking him for strep, pneumonia, and getting a nebulizer treatment, the doctor confirmed that it was viral.

Wednesday, I let Nate stay home until 10:30, to make sure he was well. See, Wednesday night, our church had their annual Pinewood Derby Car Race Night and we could not miss this. The boys and their buddy Hayden had made pinewood derby cars last Saturday at our church and WE HAD TO RACE. We were able to attend the races and for the record, we will be You Tubing how to make fast pinewood derby cars for next year. (So we might be a little competitive…)

Everyone is all better and thank you for sticking with today’s post. Now, it’s time for some Fun Friday Favorites!!

  1. Valentine mugs at Target –
Love both of these!

Love both of these!

How cute would these mugs be?! I love the Valentine mugs they have at Target right now. I’m really wanting the white one… $4.99 is a reasonable price, too!


2.  Comfy rugs at Target –

Alert! Alert! Cute rugs at Target are on sale!!

Alert! Alert! Cute rugs at Target are on sale!!

I saw these rugs on sale and just had to stop. No, I wasn’t looking for new rugs. But. When cute rugs go on sale (about $20.00) and you think you could find a spot for them, then I say it’s meant to be. I picked up the navy rugs and put one in each of the boys’ rooms. They feel so squishy and soft on your feet! Nate and Maxim love them! And they add a nice pop of color.

Maxim's rug in front of his bed.

Maxim’s rug in front of his bed. With the price tag not taken off yet :)



3.  Fitbit Charge HR –

I’ve been on the fence about getting a Fitbit since Hubby got his last spring. I wasn’t sure I’d like it. I wondered if I’d become too obsessed. And it was a blahhhh black color. No bling on it. (Fashion IS important.) Well, Nate got one for Christmas and between Hubby and Nate, I was more tempted. So, I researched. By researched, I mean I asked my friends and family on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.37.22 AM

Sunday, I ran to Target and made the big purchase. I chose to get the Fitbit Charge HR, just like Hubby and Nate have. And I chose the HR because my friend Pedro reminded me that keeping your heart rate up is important when wanting to lose weight or get in shape. And that’s my goal. To lose some weight and get into BETTER shape.

Here is a pic of me on Sunday late afternoon, my first day with the Fitbit: (please excuse the Bret Michaels headband look. I was in my gym mode.)

Me and my Fitbit. #crushingit #workoutdone

Me and my Fitbit. #crushingit #workoutdone

And on my first night of having it, I reached my goal (10,000 steps) right when I was tucking Nate into bed. Wahhhhoooo!

#winning (even though it is only Day 1) :)

#winning (even though it is only Day 1) :)

I’m excited to work on being more active and get into shape. Because in a few months, it’ll be Fun Friday Favorites: Swimsuits to Buy or some other type of post about swimwear on the blog. I wouldn’t want to be depressed and only highlight full-on body suits. 😉


And that’s all for today. Days of Our Lives lately, a mug, a rug, and a Fitbit. Such a hodge podge of things! Have a great weekend! I hope you and your fam stay healthy!!! And maybe you can check out the finds at Target…or share about your fitness goals…anyone else Fitbitting??

Happy Friday!  ~  xo Angela Banae


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