Fun Friday Favorites: Luck o’ the Irish

My whole intentions were to highlight Easter decor today.  Maybe it’s because I finally took down all of the the winter decorations on Tuesday in the midst of a prednisone-enhanced cleaning spree and put up all manner of bunnies, tulips, and more.  But Maxim.  Our little guy.  He called me out.

“Mom?  Where are the leprechaun things?” our sweet, little five year old who ADORES St. Patrick’s Day asked.  (I can thank his wonderful preschool for this.  Every St. Patrick’s day, Share and Care Preschool always had a leprechaun visit and leave behind green treasures.) (And my favorite…he used to call it “Leprechaun-o Day”.)  🙂

So, here’s a Fun Friday post to get you thinking about St. Patrick’s Day.  Of course, I’ll highlight fashion…in hues of green.  And then, I’ve got a few decorations and a cute Pinterest idea that you might want to try…all for the sake of the Irish.


1.  Sparkly shamrock decoration –

A little sparkly on our door.

A little sparkly on our door.

I got this at Michael’s the other day.  All of their St. Patrick’s Day decorations are 50% off and I was able to purchase this for under $3.00.  Bargain shopper?  Why yes I am!  We have this hanging on the inside of our front door (because the Easter egg wreath is hanging on the outside).


2.  Leprechaun figurine –

He's pretty cute :)

He’s a cute little leprechaun :)

I saw this little figurine at Michael’s and I knew Maxim would LOVE it.  A leprechaun?  Check.  A pot of gold over his shoulder?  Check.  On sale for about $3.00?  Check.


3.  Sparkly shamrocks, coins, leprechaun hats, and curly shamrock wire –

My "little" St. Patrick's Day display

My “little” St. Patrick’s Day display

Friends.  Work with me here.  I realize this isn’t all fancy.  On Tuesday, I had a cute little bunny and spring tulips and eggs sitting here.  By Wednesday afternoon, I had come home from shopping and arranged this in about 10.4 seconds.  And when the boys got off the bus, I had two smiling sons.  And one little son who was BEAMING.  Again, the wire was on sale at Michael’s so I got it for $.99.  And the box of sparkly coins, hats, and shamrocks was maybe $3.00.  All of this St. Patrick’s Day home decor I’ve highlighted in the blog today at the affordable price of about $10.00??  I couldn’t be happier.  Plus, it was a one-stop-shop.  Everybody’s a winner.


4.  The North Face Osito 2 jacket –

Such a pretty color!

Such a pretty color!

I highlighted these jackets a week or two ago.  So soft and such a springy color.  Wouldn’t this jacket be perfect for wearing to a St. Patrick’s Day parade?  Or why not wear it to work on that wonderful day filled with the magic of leprechauns and shamrocks?  Scheel’s has these jackets and they catch my eye every. single. time.  I love this soft color, but unfortunately, I have a bright green one in my closet.  So, I won’t be purchasing THIS one, but if YOU do, I’ll live vicariously through you.


5.  Von Maur’s Erin London 3/4-sleeve Burnout Tunic

I love this top!

I love this top!


I love burnout tops and when it’s a tunic length, that’s another plus.  This would look great with some dark skinny jeans or as we go into spring and summer, it’d look stunning with some white pants.  Simple, yet classy.


6.  Lush top –

A great blouse

A great blouse and love the soft green color

I saw this top online at the Nordstrom website.  I have a few Lush blouses myself and they are so feminine looking (different from the millions of tee’s that I own).  I’m a fan of this pretty mint color, too.


7.  Old Navy’s 3/4 sleeved V-neck cardigan –

Yes, a green cardigan!

Yes, a green cardigan!

Old Navy never disappoints.  I love this cardigan AND the price.  I typically go for the black or grey cardigans (shocking, I know), but I am loving this mini mint color.  Every St. Patrick’s Day, I search my closet high and low for a green top.  Usually, I end up wearing a black or gray long sleeve t and throw a hideous, cheap, green beaded “Mardi-Gras looking” set of beads around my neck.  I know.  100% classy.  But.  I’m thinking this cardigan or the tops I’ve highlighted above would look festive AND I’d wear them AFTER St. Patrick’s Day, too.  When I go shopping again (soon), green is definitely going to be on my radar .


8.  Under Armour “Good Luck” t-shirt –

For the boys :)

For the boys :)

I saw this t-shirt at Dick’s Sporting Goods (though this photo is from Under Armour’s website) and in some leprechaun/magically moment, it made it into my cart.  Two t-shirts to be exact.  A small and a medium…one for each of the boys.  I think they’ll enjoy wearing this for St. Patrick’s Day.


9.  Lime Sherbet Floats –

Aren't these yummy looking?

Aren’t these yummy looking?

We HAVE to make these sometime around or on St. Patrick’s Day.  Our boys LOVE LOVE LOVE lime sherbet and these treats are so fun and festive and EASY.  Scoop some lime sherbet into mugs, pour a little Sierra Mist/Sprite over the sherbet, and add fun straws.  I picked up some green straws at Michaels, but I think Wal-Mart has them, too.


There you have it.  A lot of green and festive things for you!  And, I’m not putting this post up two days before St. Patrick’s Day…we have 11 days until this festive holiday, which gives us all PLENTY of time to prepare.  Wow.  I am on the ball.  I like to think of it as this is the beginning of my good luck streak.  I think I’ll start looking for that pot of gold while I’m at it. 🙂

Have a great weekend!




  • Karen At Home Blog
    March 6, 2015

    I love all of the green tops, especially the Old Navy cardigan! Super cute.

    • Angela Banae
      March 9, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by, Karen! I know…that green cardigan is super cute! I’m hoping to go to Old Navy and pick it up…just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!! 🙂

  • Stefanie
    March 7, 2015

    Stopping by from the linkup. I’m heading to Michael’s tomorrow for some more St. Patrick’s Day decor…I hope they have a good selection! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Angela Banae
      March 9, 2015

      Hi Stefanie!
      Thank you for popping over here from the linkup! I hope you were able to pick up some St. Patrick’s Day decor at Michael’s! I loved that it was all on sale!!! 🙂

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