Fun Friday Favorites: My dumpster, great scents, and suntan lotion

I know.  This is my second post in one day…but I couldn’t forget to write about my Fun Friday Favorites!

As you probably know, it’s been a crazy week.  With our basement flooding and the mess that was left behind, I’m wiped out.  But how IRONIC.  We had a dumpster in our driveway.  Yes, that big red dumpster because I was cleaning out our basement.  For the record, I was done with my basement task on Monday and was going to have ABC Disposal come and get it on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Then.  The unthinkable happened.  But that’s a whole other story and you can read that under my “Devotionals” tab.

So, on to my Fun Friday Favorites because these are happy things. 🙂

1.  MY dumpster –


What person wouldn’t want their very own trash can right in their driveway??  This made it much easier to keep my car clean.  Pull in the driveway.  Turn off the car.  Get out.  Toss your garbage into the dumpster.  It was just beautiful and oh, so easy.  I am going to miss this dumpster.  (Though our neighbors aren’t going to miss this sight.  Neither is Hubby.)


2.  My new Sea Shell Scentsy plug-in warmer –

My new plug-in warmer

I am in LOVE with this cute warmer!  I love the beachy look and the boys are happy to have it go in their bathroom.  It’s $20 and you’ll be glad you got one!  My friend, Jen, is a Scentsy rep and here is her website if you’d like to check out all they have!


3.  These are four of my favorite summery scents that I got from Scentsy –

Love these smells!

Love these smells!

Tiare Maohi – a beachy, suntan lotion smell…it makes me feel like I’m in the tropics.

Coconut Lemongrass – I LOVE coconut and the two scents mixed together smell wonderful!  (If you like the smell of Bug Soother, you’ll love this scent!)

Luna – it’s a light perfumey smell that is a fav of mine all year long.

Peony Petals – this new scent is AMAZING!  If you like peonies, that is.  I love peonies because it reminds me of being at my grandmothers’ homes…they both had beautiful peony bushes and I remember those darn black ants and how they liked to crawl all over those flowers.


4.  Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil –



Because I’m a lover of summer…I can’t lie.  I love everything about summer and about this oil.  It smells awesome.  It helps you get a deep tan.  It’s water resistant (for 80 minutes) – this I had no idea.  But it says so on the bottle, so it must be true.  I just love this suntan oil.  Sure, I love Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, too.  But for some reason, I use Banana Boat.  Maybe it’s because that’s what we used in high school, college, when Patrick and I went on our honeymoon, and when we went to Mexico…all I can say is that it’s just a good oil if you want some color.  And if you want to smell good.


5.  Because I’m politically correct and health-conscience…


Coppertone Sunscreen Water Babies.  Now, I don’t lather our boys with tanning oil.  (And for the record, I don’t lather myself with tanning oil every time I go to the pool either.  Tanning oil is what I use when I’m feeling carefree and want a hint of the tropics.)  I’ve used this sunscreen lotion spray on our boys since they were babies and I haven’t stopped.  I’ve tried the other kinds, but I can’t stand how they feel on my hands or on the boys.  So, we use this and it’s great.  Spray it on and it smells great.  (I feel like this post is all about my nose and scents…)  It wears off at some point because our boys are pretty tan and this is very noticeable when I see their cute little white buns.


6.  With baseball season over, I’m going to miss having an excuse to eat all of these healthy snacks.  Here is what we usually packed in our treat bag before we went to Nate’s baseball game…

Of course.  Sunflower seeds.

Of course. Sunflower seeds.

And these…

Easy to eat with no shelling required

Easy to eat with no shelling required

And then, we tried these and OH. MY.



And here are other snacks we always had…

Three of my favorites...

Three of my favorites…

Yes.  I may start to drop a few pounds since I won’t be eating all of these snacks twice a week…


7.  And, another favorite of mine – Friends that are there for you.  With our basement flooding on Tuesday, it was so nice of my bestie to stop by and cheer me up with my favorite…Coffeesmith’s iced white chocolate mocha coffee.  And then, she decided to stay for seven hours to help mop the floor, squeegee the water down the drains, haul up ruined stuff to our dumpster, and be moral support when I was feeling defeated.  And, it was so nice of my friend, Tricia, to take our boys swimming for the afternoon so this mama could focus on the task at hand.  And, the many kind friends on Facebook who gave words of encouragement.  Thank you ALL for being so caring and kind.  You all are my favorites!


Have a wonderful weekend!!


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