Fun Friday Favorites: School projects, family times, and Old Navy’s fashion finds

I don’t even know where to begin.  The past week has been one of the busiest EVER.  I realize I never wrote a Weekend Recap blog about Nate’s 4th grade track and field day he had last Friday nor did I write about spending the weekend with my bestie at a relaxing spa/resort (#momgetaway).  But you all.  After a divine weekend watching our little guy run AWESOME and soaking up some rays in RELAXATION MODE, I was thrown into reality like no other.

Baseball consumed us almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  And there was track practice, supper to be made, laundry to conquer, and…school projects.

I worked  Nate and I worked together ALL WEEK LONG on a HUGE reading fair project that is due today.  You guys have no idea how much school projects can stress this mama out.  I have high expectations and Nate rose to the task like a trooper.  But it was still stressful because I’m not the most craftsy, artsy person and many times, I’ll resort to overbuying a lot of stickers because stickers make everything better.

Hubby might have made a few comments that didn’t help the stressful situation:

“Nate, shouldn’t you be down on the floor helping your mother?” #whoseprojectwasthis?

“Angela, surely you didn’t just receive the info on this project Monday, did you?”  #Iprocrastinate

Yes, his teacher sent home a newsletter about this ten days ago, but clearly I enjoy working under pressure.  #sarcasm

Then, just to make things fair, Maxim had a project that was due this week, also.  #bringonsummerplease  Today, he has an “Artifacts Museum” and we’ll go browse through their museum of artifacts from long ago.  Toys, pictures, and such will be on display at the kindergartners “Artifacts of Long Ago Musuem”.  Granted, his project required no glue and no stickers, but we still had to find a toy or something that his great grandparents had from long ago and then, write a “report” on it.

Yes.  It was all about school projects at our house this week.  We were busy, busy, BUSY.

Anyway.  Fun Friday will include various pictures of last week’s track and field day, my mini getaway, and our busy week.  And…FOR THE LOVE OF FASHION, I must post some cute must-have’s on here, as well.  Because everyone needs a little fashion.


1.  Nate’s track and field day –

Nate's 4th grade Track & Field Day

Nate’s 4th grade Track & Field Day

Nate won his 50meter dash heat!  He got 4th overall in the 50m :)

Nate won his 50 meter dash heat! He got 4th overall in the 50 m :)

Daddy and I with our favorite 4th grader :)

Daddy and I with our favorite 4th grader :)

Nate’s track and field day was so much fun!  It was a beautiful day and it was so awesome to watch all of the fourth graders from all five elementary schools compete.  Nate placed 4th in the 50 meter dash finals.  In the other events, they just ran heats (no finals).  He won his 200 meter heat and his 4×100 team placed 2nd in their heat.  He competed in the high jump and softball throw.  Such a fun day!


2.  Francy and I enjoying our mini-getaway –

We had such a relaxing time at the Riverside Spa & Resort

We had such a relaxing time at the Riverside Spa & Resort

We went into Coralville and ate at the Mellow Mushroom on Saturday night.  #deliciouspizza

We went into Coralville and ate at the Mellow Mushroom on Saturday night. #deliciouspizza

Friday evening, Francy and I left for Riverside.  The hotel has a beautiful spa and outdoor pool that we lounged around on Saturday.  We relaxed and started working on our tans for summer…it was a great time.  Saturday evening, we drove into Coralville and ate at a new restaurant in the mall.  The Mellow Mushroom was outstanding!  The owner visited with us about how he designed the place and the Maui Wowie pizza was our favorite!  Definitely check it out…a fun place!


3.  Nate’s reading fair project –

Supplies for our project consisted of TONS of stickers. (I reverted back to my childhood self and showed my true love for all kinds of stickers.)

Supplies for Nate’s project consisted of TONS of stickers. (I reverted back to my childhood self and showed Nate my true love for all kinds of stickers.)

Nate's favorite picture book...If You Give A Dog A Donut

Nate’s favorite picture book…If You Give A Dog A Donut

Little brother reading this book :)

Big brother letting little brother read the book :)

Our living room looked like this ALL WEEK

Our living room looked like this ALL WEEK.  Seriously.

Ta-da!!!  Nate and his finished project :)

Ta-da!!! Nate and his finished project :)


The project is complete and he “stickered” that display all up.  I could’t be prouder.  (And relieved that it’s done.)


4.  Maxim’s artifact project –

Maxim's "Long Ago Artifacts"...a collectible mule and a hound dog

Maxim’s “Long Ago Artifacts”…a collectible mule and a hound dog

Daddy helped Maxim work on his artifact report.  Maxim informed us that he’d put his artifacts on the “Do NOT Touch Table” in the classroom.  He loves these old collectibles that were from Patrick’s grandpa.


5.  Jersey Maxi dress from Old Navy –

Such a great maxi dress for summer

Such a great maxi dress for summer

Old Navy is having a big sale right now, so this dress might be even cheaper (perhaps 25% off?)…but don’t trust me.  I’ve been working on school projects all week and my brain is about zapped.  Check out Old Navy’s website for yourself.  But this maxi dress.  Love the style and the cobalt is a great eye-popping color.


6.  Gauze pull-over from Old Navy –

I love this color

I love this color

This lightweight pull-over looks great with her white shorts.  Or wear it with some white capris…cute and summery.  I haven’t tried it on, but I’d want it to be loose and flowy…not quite like she is wearing hers.  But then again, she’s probably ten.  Or eighteen.  And I’m in the beautiful forties so, we are on different ends of the “what to wear and how to wear it” spectrum.  That’s why I’d prefer my gauze pull-over to be a little more loose and flowy.  (I think I just made that word up.  Flowy: it flows loosely on a person)  Again.  See Fun Friday Favorites #1. as to why I’m rambling and not all “with it”…#schoolprojectsarehardformoms


7.  Another color of the Jersey Maxi dress from Old Navy –

Stripes?  YES please!

Stripes? YES please!

Oh, my.  I LOVE the stripes in this maxi.  Cute with sandals or some gold flip flops.  And on sale…a win for everyone.


8.  Gauze split-neck top from Old Navy –

How cute is this??!

How cute is this??!

I love everything about this.  The colors, the stripes, the cut of this top, and it looks great with denim cut-offs.  Or dress it up and wear it with white shorts/capris.


Well, you’ve got a little shopping you can do at Old Navy this weekend with their big online sale.  Check it out!  And have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  Take a little time to remember the people who died while serving our country.  We are so blessed!

And here’s to hoping that next week will be a little less crazy.  But looking at my calendar, it looks like the next two weeks of school are going to be just as jam-packed as this week has been.  YIKES!

Have a wonderful weekend! ~ Angela Banae  xo




  • Jolee
    May 22, 2015

    OMG! I bought that blue maxi dress and I can’t remember remember the deal going on, but I ended up getting it for $11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?! I was giddy. I tried it on and it is fully worth it!

    Seeing it on your blog is kind of like seeing a Hollywood star wearing something you have!

    • Angela Banae
      May 22, 2015

      LOL! You make me laugh, girl!
      Well, Jolee…we ARE very similar and we both have GREAT taste in fashion! 🙂 Okay, I’m totally needing to get the dress now. $11?????? It’s like they’re giving it away!
      “Here, ma’am. A beautiful blue maxi for you because we basically give our clothes away. We are just that reasonably priced,” said Old Navy.
      WIN WIN for that price, sister! Way to go!

  • Mattie
    May 22, 2015

    Old Navy is probably my favorite store right now. I’ve found most of my favorite spring pieces there (and so cheap with sales and promos!). I just placed an order today and then they emailed me that I earned $20 Old Navy cash! So now I get to go order some more. 🙂

    • Angela Banae
      May 27, 2015

      Mattie, I think you hit the win win button, for sure!! They’re basically paying you to shop at their store! 🙂 I LOVE Old Navy!!! They always know how to make a shopper feel good…between their O.N. cash or their outta-this-world prices!! 😉 Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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