Fun Friday Favorites: Spring cleaning products and a few other good finds at Target

Gosh, I can’t believe it is Friday!!! I feel like it’s been the busiest week ever. I’ve been gone every single night and today, I am ready for it to be the weekend. #slowdownspring

It’s been so long since I’ve done a Fun Friday Favorites post & I’ve missed it. How about you?!

Today is a random of hodge podge things, but I wanted to streamline your shopping. Therefore, all of today’s blog post favorites can be found at your local Target. Listen, sister. I know time is of the essence. I am here for you. I will help make your shopping EASY. You’re welcome.

And now…let’s get this party started!

1. Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products –

LOVE the smell of these products!

LOVE the smell of these products!

My friend Mandi told me about Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products last year, but I never ventured out to get them. Then, I saw these limited edition scents at Target and I couldn’t resist the PEONY scent. Nor the Lilac. (I love me some spring floral scents!) And I’m happy that I gave into those careless whims on that particular Target shopping day because OH. MY. WORD. Mandi, you are right. These products are amazing!! I am using the multi-surface spray with my Viva paper towels on my counter tops daily and our kitchen smells heavenly. I’ve been told Hy-Vee carries these products, too. I was so happy about these products that I even convinced my friends Liz and Tiffany to buy the peony scents. You know me…I can’t keep a good thing quiet. I believe it’s my duty to tell friends about good “must have items”. Especially if it is causing me to want to clean! That is what you call a double bonus.


2. Essie nail polish and Essie Gel Setter –


Essie polish…the perfect spring color!

Isn’t this Essie color perfect for spring?! Bachelorette Bash is a fun pink and put the Essie Gel Setter over top and walaaa! Your nails look like you had them professionally done! Target has the best Essie colors. The Gel Setter is KEY to having your nail polish stay on longer than 1.4 hours. I can’t tell you how mush I love the Gel Setter…it’s around $10, but worth it!


3. Merona v-neck tee-

A great white v-neck

A great white v-neck

You know me and white v-neck tees. I believe everyone must have at least one (or three) of them. These Merona tees from Target are nice and reasonably priced. Every year, my old white tees need to be tossed out with the bath water and I need a few new, crisp white tees.


4. Another Merona v-neck tee –

Gray is a nice classic.

Grey – a nice classic.

Another tee for you to pick up. The grey Merona v-tee. And they are on sale! Grey is another staple color in my closet. I wear these tees almost every single day in the spring/summer. See below:

Family of four... :)

Sporting my grey tee on our family vaca to Mount Rushmore

Sporting a grey tee while visiting Grandma Helen

Sporting a grey tee while visiting Grandma Helen


Wearing a grey tee while on a field trip with this little guy!

Wearing a grey tee while on a field trip with this little guy!

Grey tee and me riding in our Ranger with Hubby and the boys

Grey tee and me riding in our Ranger with Hubby and the boys

Yes. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a grey tee at Target. 🙂


5. Hubby’s broken Fitbit –

Hubby's Fitbit...

Hubby’s Fitbit…

Okay. So, Hubby’s BROKEN Fitbit is not my favorite. Nor is it his favorite. I think he feels so lost this week. He kills the steps and is usually pacing around 123,000 steps WEEKLY. (I’m not quite up in that elite group. I’m happy to get in 11,000 steps a day.) Yah. He likes to be around 16,000 steps a day. #Heisarockstar

Well, last Saturday night, it broke and on Monday morning, I called Fitbit. I absolutely cannot stand to send things back in the mail, but I was prepared to do this because I didn’t want to buy a new Fitbit at Target and Hubby hasn’t even had this Fitbit for a whole year. Maybe 10 months? Well. Fitbit was absolutely AMAZING. I had no receipt, but I did have the box. That didn’t matter. She was able to pull up Hubby’s info and determine that it was under one year and after answering a few questions, she informed me that they’d be sending him a new one. As in, they’d even expedite it. PRONTO. I didn’t have to send the broken one back in. I didn’t have to fill out any paperwork. Nada. That, my friends, is what you call excellent customer service. And that’s why this is on today’s favorites!


6. This boy –

Dreaming of a dog...

Dreaming of a dog…

Tuesday night, I came home late from a meeting. The boys were asleep and as I was giving good-night kisses, I found Nate sleeping, with a book and pens by his pillow. He had been brainstorming good puppy names before he drifted off to sleep. (And middle names, as well.) You guys. This melted my heart. All of those names on his list…they were names I’ve talked about before. Names I have said I loved and would name a girl if we had one more baby. Now, a few names were Daddy’s dog names from his previous dogs he had (Ellie and Molly), but the other girl names…those are names I’ve talked about. My point here is this: our kids really do pay attention to what we say. They are listening. We are such BIG influences in their lives and they are watching, listening, and modeling everything we do. It made my heart all mushy to think that Nate had remembered every single girl name that I have loved. Not to mention that he thought MY middle name would be the perfect middle name for a puppy. So sweet! #dreamsdocometrue    #wearegettingadog   #prayforme


7. This boy –

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57.33 AM

I wrote this on Facebook yesterday. Maxim and his “I can’t concentrate on my school work because all I can think about is getting a dog”…that crushes me. Love his sweetness! He even brought home a library book because he “can’t stop thinking about dogs”. I’m so nervous about all of the work that comes with a puppy. I’m not sure I’m up for it, but the family is set on getting a dog. #puppylove  #againsayprayersforme


And that’s all for Fun Friday Favorites!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take time to enjoy your loved ones. We are so blessed!

xo ~ Angela Banae




  • Mary Coppock
    April 8, 2016

    I am heading out to get the Meyer’s cleaning products. It’s been a long while since I have been motivated to clean…seriously, I need something new and a fresh scent is probably just what I need. Thanks Angela, for the promo on this product. Mary

    • Angela Banae
      April 15, 2016

      I hope you love the products! I’m right there with you…I was needing some motivation to clean and those springtime scents are doing the trick!! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and commenting!! Love ya friend!! xoxo

  • Melanie Farr
    April 8, 2016

    Thank you for brightening up this cold and gloomy day ! I I sure love reading your adventures. Can’t wait to buy the cleaning supplies ; I love for my house to smell good xoxox

    • Angela Banae
      April 15, 2016

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!! You are so sweet and I’m so happy you love to read the blog! 🙂 Those cleaning supplies are absolutely a FAV of mine!!! Let me know if you like them, too! xoxo

  • Melanie Blunk
    April 8, 2016

    Love the cleaning products… Lilac is great and imagine the peony scent is wonderful, too.

    Wow! The boys are getting a puppy!!! Yay! They will be so over the top in love with a puppy! So happy for you all! You will do just fine, Angela!

    • Angela Banae
      April 15, 2016

      Thanks for commenting on the blog! Yes, I think you influenced my love for all floral scents 🙂 Love both the lilac and peony!!! I know…a puppy. Hold me. And pray for me. 😉 But they (well…we) will love it!!! xoxo Love you Mom!

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