Fun Friday Favorites: Springtime and a smattering of fashionable shoes

Spring break officially begins today for the boys, but by the looks of it around here…you would have thought I was on spring break this entire week in some remote tropical location where neither an internet connection nor laptop were to be found.  I haven’t blogged since Monday and my reasons are…well, weak.  To say the least.

Long story short?  I’ve been trying to recoup from this cold and crud I’ve been fighting for about three weeks now.  And when your brain is so stuffed up with CONGESTION, it’s hard to think clearly and have anything witty to say.  So, I spared you all from reading what would have been the most boring blog posts that pertained to doing load after load of laundry, cooking, and working on my book between doses of medicine and Allegra D.

I should mention that I did partake in steady intervals of bike riding around the neighborhood with our boys and the neighborhood gang.  Yes.  Nate has racked up some miles this week on his new bike and little brother is thrilled to get Nate’s old bike.  Other than patrolling the neighborhood on our bikes and doing the usual weekly chores and writing a few more chapters for my book, our week has been low key.

In lieu of Fun Friday Favorites, I did some research (if you consider browsing at Von Maur and on the internet research, then by all means…I was doing some research).  I’ve been seeking out appropriate shoe fashion for this in-between-seasons.  I’m really tired of wearing my boots, yet I’ve not taken measures to update my pedicure.  So, open toe shoes are out for me right now.  Plus, it’s that tricky time of year where it’s freezing in the morning, but up in the mid-60’s by the afternoon.  It’s a dilemma…what to wear on those sweet feet of yours in the mid-weeks of March.  So, I’ve done my best and I am happy to share with you some wonderful options.


1.  TOMS natural burlap trim ballet flats –

These are such a neutral color!

These are such a neutral color!

I found these on the TOMS shoes website and feel in love with them.  I have one pair of TOMS that I got last year and they are this exact style and color, except mine have some cute colorful stripes on them.  Because of the natural burlap color, these will go great with so many things.  I’ve already worn mine twice this week.  They aren’t as bulky as boots, yet they keep my toes covered.  A win-win for me.


2.  Lucky brand “Eadda” flat –

LOVE these flats!

LOVE these flats!

These are on the Nordstrom website and I’m telling you…leopard print flats are IN.  I bought my leopard print Lucky flats two years ago and they are still one of my favs.  Wear them with a plaid shirt to mix up the prints or play it safe and wear these with a solid color shirt.  Super cute and stylish!


3.  Lucky brand “Eadda” flat

Another great flat!  And love the nude color!

Another great flat! And love the nude color!

If leopard print is too much for you, then the nude color is perfect.  Again, these flats will go with EVERYTHING.  And by not wearing ‘open toe shoes’, you won’t have to worry about only having a few of your toes sporting cute toenail polish (I might be speaking from experience.  Yes.  I have some bad toenail polish etiquette going on at the present.).  Anyway.  Enough about unpainted toes.  These flats are perfect because your toes are covered and warm from the chilly spring mornings.  Again, these are on the Nordstrom website.


4.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Open Weave Shoreline Sneaker –

OH. MY. WORD.  How cute are these??

OH. MY. WORD. How cute are these??

I was walking through Von Maur the other day when I stopped right in my tracks.  These Chuck Taylors about jumped out at me…after trying them on, I knew I was in love.  These shoes will look great with cuffed up jeans, capris, or shorts.  I highly recommend you purchase these shoes soon because I have a feeling they will sell out fast.



5.  SweetTarts Bunny Gummies –

Warning:  These are addictive

Warning: These are addictive!

From shoe fashion to Bunny Gummies…I don’t know what to say.  You may recall around Valentine’s Day, I shared with you about the SweetTart Heart Gummies.  Well.  SweetTart knows what they are doing because they’ve come out with these delicious Bunny Gummies.  Listen, I can’t lie.  They are a weakness of mine.  Stop by Target and grab a bag for yourself.  Then, tell me what you think.  (I think you’ll be delighted that I shared this wealth of knowledge with you.)


6.  Maxim’s love for writing –

Last week, I was busy baking and frosting birthday cakes for Nate.  While working on decorating his birthday cakes (Nate’s 10th Birthday!), Maxim began brainstorming what he was going to want on his birthday cake.  (His birthday is at the end of April.)  I loved seeing this…

All the kinds of pets Maxim would like on his "Pets" birthday cake :)

All the kinds of pets Maxim would like on his “Pets” birthday cake :)

Yes.  Maxim would like animals on his birthday cake.  A “Pets” birthday cake, to be exact.  Dogs, fish, turtles, lizards, hamsters, and more.  I’m not going to the bank with this idea yet.  Because we all know that five year olds can change their mind and go down a completely different rabbit trail in a matter of a day.  (Three weeks ago, he wanted a four-wheelin’ birthday cake, just like big brother’s cake.)  So, I’ll hold my breath and wait for the end of April to draw near to see what birthday cake he decides on.  In the meantime, I love seeing him work on his writing. 🙂

Now.  Yes, I love seeing Maxim work on his writing and spelling all kinds of words.  BUT.  Last night, when I got home from Bible study, I saw this…

Yes.  He wrote on our end table.  In pen.

Yes. He wrote on our end table. In pen.

I went to sit in my chair to work on the blog and I saw that he had left me a ‘little note’.  And not on paper.  Hmmmm…I wonder if Daddy had any idea Maxim was writing me love notes.  On our end table.  When I asked Maxim about it this morning, he got big crocodile tears in his eyes and whimpered, “I just did it because I missed you.”  Okay.  You got me, buddy.  Melt my heart.


7.  Nate and his new bike –

Nate and his new bike!

Nate and his new bike!

This boy.  Our ten year old.  And this bike.  Nate is LOVING this bike that we got him for his birthday.  Every night, he comes home and cannot wait to take it out for a spin, or jump with it on his new bike ramp, or just use the new bike cleaning cloths and wipe it down.  A boy and his bike…true love 🙂


Well, it’s been a smattering of Fun Friday Favorites today.  Some very important shoe fashion for spring.  The latest candy that I am loving.  And sweet family moments.  So many good things!  Have a wonderful weekend enjoying this springtime weather and perhaps, you’ll go shopping and find a JUST RIGHT pair of shoes for spring!



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