Fun Friday Favorites: Springtime candles, fashion, and more

I’m so happy that it’s Friday!! Between doctor appointments and working and baking cakes and celebrating Nate’s 12th birthday, it has been one busy week! And the weekend will only get busier with the last basketball game of the season, more celebrating, and DayLight Saving Time (and everyone groaned at the thought of losing that hour of sleep). But then, the boys are on Spring Break for the week so…NO SCHOOL. And all the people said, “Amen”. Because this mama is ready for a few days of sleeping in and having to go absolutely NOWHERE.

Anyhoo. Let’s move on to my favorites for the week. This week’s edition of Fun Friday Favorites…come on down! (I must be getting really tired if I’m making cracks to sound like The Price is Right) 😉

  1.  White Tea and Pear candles from Bath and Body Works –
I love Bath and Body Works candles!!

I love Bath and Body Works candles!!

I bought this new scent and oh, my. I love how it freshens up the kitchen. Definitely a great scent for spring! And generally, they have sales on their candles. I got this one for $12 due to a $10 off promo going on.


2. Stance Super Invisible no-show socks at Scheel’s –

This are wonderful! They don't slide down on your feet!

This are wonderful! They don’t slide down on your feet!

I was in need of a pair of cute tennis shoes for spring and I’m wanting to wear them without socks BUT I know better than that. If I do that, they’ll be stinky shoes in about three days. #truth  So, I bought these no-show socks at Scheel’s and they are wonderful! You cannot see the socks up around your ankles. They are super low and yet, they stay put on your feet and don’t slide down into the bottom of your tennis shoes. I’ve been extremely happy with this purchase. 🙂


3. Fuchsia Baroque Blouse Set from Betsy Boo’s Boutique –

(pre-order) Set 448: Fuchsia Baroque Blouse (includes top, tank & earrings)

Isn't this so fresh looking for spring?!

Isn’t this so fresh looking for spring?!

I think this baroque blouse is perfect for spring! I’m a big fan of fuchsia and it’d look great with jeans or white skinny jeans. Or even a cute pair of white shorts and sandals. As always, Betsy Boo’s Boutique is a great place to shop because it’s all online and you are supporting a local business when you shop through their site. Just click on the peach colored link and you’re taken right to their shop! #winwin



4. Yesterday’s blog post…dedicated to our birthday boy, Nate –

Happy 12th Birthday Nate

Sitting down to write him a letter is one of my favorites this week. I love reminiscing over the moments of becoming pregnant with Nate, going into labor, and then welcoming him into the world. Such a special moment for Hubby and I. Becoming a mom was one of the BEST days of my life. I love devoting a birthday post to each of the boys when their birthdays roll around. 🙂


5. Maxim and those things he does…

Our sidewalk chalk artist :)

Our sidewalk chalk artist :)

I’m trying to record the sweet things about Nate and Maxim’s lives. Like celebrating Nate turning 12. And those cute things our seven year old, Maxim does because next thing I know, we’ll blink and HE will be 12, too! The other day, the boys were outside and got out the chalk. Maxim decided to decorate the driveway with an Easter scene. Complete with a white Easter bunny munching on a carrot, a basket of Easter eggs, and a golden-wrapped chocolate bunny with a red ribbon. So adorable. 🙂

And I had to laugh the other day when Max was on the computer, thrilled to be getting ‘autographs’ of famous athletes. He was jotting them down, like they were the real thing.

We have lots of "famous" autographs now...

We have lots of “famous” autographs now…


That wraps up this week’s Fun Friday Favorites!! Light some springtime candles, shop at Betsy Boo’s Boutique, and soak up those wonderful moments with your family and friends.

Have a great weekend! ~ Angela Banae xoxo


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