Fun Friday Favorites: Sweat pants, Saltines, and No Bake Cookies

It’s that time again.  Time for Fun Friday Favorites!  I realize the randomness of the three topics I listed above.  What can I say?  I have been under the weather and don’t always have the most rational thoughts…  In no particular order, here it goes.

1.  No Bake Cookies –

Ingredients for no bake cookies

Ingredients for No Bake Cookies

My helper :)

My helper :)

No Bake yummy!

No Bake cookies…so yummy!

So easy and yet, so good!

So easy and yet, so good!

I made these cookies for my college girls’ reunion weekend a few weeks ago.  They are so easy and always a big hit.  Then, on Wednesday, my cousin, Annie, and her children came up to visit for the day.  The kids played and we went to the pool.  It was so fun and we all had a great time.  Before they arrived, I knew I just had to make these cookies.  Because her children appreciate a good no-bake cookie, just like my boys do. (*I used old fashioned oats this time, but I prefer using quick oats.)

No Bake Cookies

4 c. sugar                  1 c. cocoa
1 stick margarine    1 c. peanut butter
1 stick butter           6 c. quick oats oatmeal
1 c. milk

Bring sugar, margarine, butter, and milk to a boil and boil for one minute. Remove from heat. Add cocoa and peanut butter, then oatmeal. Stir until blended. Drop by spoonful onto waxed paper.  Enjoy!


2.  Nike Rally Futura Capris –


I saw these at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  They are a nice capri sweatpant and would be great for lounging around the house.  Or working out, if you have the desire.  They are $45 and come in a variety of colors.


3.  Boys’ Under Armour football t-shirt –


I picked this shirt up for Nate at Dick’s Sporting Goods…another Back-To-School purchase.  Of course, I got it in the color orange because…PRAIRIE HAWKS.  Maxim got a similar one.  Personally, I think the orange shows off a nice tan from summer.  So, there.  It’s fashionable, too.  Not just sporty.


4.  Saltines & Squirt –

IMG_2576  IMG_2578

These two items are a “must have”.  If you don’t have any of these saltine crackers in your pantry, then go. get. them.  Because one never knows when one will get sick.  And the other night, I would have loved to nibble on these when my stomach was feeling all gurgly and such.  I usually like Sierra Mist or Sprite when I’m not feeling well.  Well, we had one can of Squirt left in the house (Hubby likes this kind of pop) and I was so thankful.  It was just what I needed when I was feeling under the weather.  So, add these two items to your grocery list.  You never know when you’ll need it.



5.  Kimono-Sleeve Swim Cover-Up –


I saw this at Old Navy and loved it.  I happened to get it in black, but I think the stripes are super cute, as well.  Perfect for the pool or the beach.


6.  Nate opening a savings account –

Nate opening up a savings account...he's saving for college.

Nate…he’s saving for college.

Usually, when Nate gets any money, he wants to go to Target and spend it.  I have no idea where he gets this from…  Ok, so maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…  Anyway, he had some money and we were running to the bank on Wednesday because I needed to deposit some checks.  I asked him if he’d like to open a savings account.  Instantly, he said, “YES!”  Because we’ve been talking about colleges lately and football and other important things.  He wanted to open up a savings account because he wants to go to college and he wants to play football there (and eventually, go to the pros).  Dream big baby or go home, I say.  (On a side note…this savings account and saving money is soooo his daddy.  Because Hubby is good at doing this.  Me?  I’m trying.)  So, as we left the bank, I had a beaming nine year old who is on the road to saving his money for college.


7.  Boys and their dreams (that include their momma) –

While I’m on the dream subject, let me tell you the conversation Nate, Maxim, and I had last Saturday.  The night before, Hubby and the boys went to our friends’ house (while I was at the Luke Bryan concert with girlfriends).  On the drive over to Wade and Michelle’s, Hubby and the boys had some good conversations.  Because this is what Nate told me the next day.

“Mom, when I get older and I’m playing in the NFL and I’m going to have a big mansion.”

“That’s great, Baby.  What about Daddy and I?  What are we going to have?” I asked Nate.

“Oh, you’ll live with me and my wife.  In our mansion,” Nate replied.  (Instantly, my heart was feeling so full of love for this little guy and his sweet dreams.)

“Yah, and I’m going to farm and bring you guys food,” Maxim chimed in.

“But where are you going to live?  Don’t you want to live with us?” I asked Maxim.

“No, I’m going to live RIGHT next to you guys.  I’ll bring you food from my farm.”

Oh, I love how our boys dream.  And we are right in the middle of their dreams.


I hope you all are dreaming big, saving money, and staying healthy!

Have a great weekend!




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