Fun Friday Favorites: Valentine’s Day stuff and oh…some new tires

I realize how classy (except NOT) the title of this blog post sounded.

Valentine’s Day stuff.  Really?  Well, I didn’t want to just say decor.  Because I’ll be sharing about some out-of-this-world Valentine’s Day candy that I. can’t. stop. eating.

And maybe a blouse or two that might be perfect for that Valentine’s date you are going on.  (For the record, I can’t recall the last time Hubby and I had a “Valentine’s date”.  That’s what almost fifteen years of marriage will do to you.)  (And honestly, I’m not even bitter about it.  Because once kids were added to our equation, it became “Let’s get a heart shaped Papa Murphy’s pizza and Walt Disney movie to celebrate Valentine’s Day”.  And we’re quite happy with that.)  So, now that you see what party animals we are, let’s move on to my Fun Friday Favorites!

1.  Lush top –

I love this color!

I love this hot pink color!

I was strolling through Von Maur the other day, when I saw this blouse.  Last spring I purchased this blouse in this exact color and I absolutely love it.  Great to wear with some white jeans in the summer or right now, with some dark skinny jeans.  Also, I see this as a  fabulous blouse that you can wear if you happen to be one of those who still go out on a date on Valentine’s Day (or night.  Whatever.).


2.  Plaid flannel shirt –

Oh, how I love plaid!

Oh, how I love plaid!

Old Navy has these flannel shirts on sale right now and personally, I love this burgundy check one.  Again, an option to wear if you are lucky enough to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.  Throw on some bangles and other bracelets to accessorize it up and I think you’d look darling.  (This is even an option for me to wear, while I plan to slave over the hot stove Valentine’s night…cooking up some Papa Murphy’s heart shaped pizzas.)


3.  Gingersnaps bracelet –

My Gingersnaps bracelet I bought last week at 804 Decor in Oskaloosa.  I love layering it with my watch and other bracelets.

My Gingersnaps bracelet I bought last week at 804 Decor in Oskaloosa. LOVE!

I told you I’d share my Gingersnaps bracelet on today’s favorites.  I love the blingy cross, along with the other three snaps that are interchangeable.  I choose to stick with blingy and hues of brown, rather than bold colors.  I wanted it to be a neutral bracelet that would go with my watch and other bracelets.  I always layer up and wear lots of bracelets together.


4.  Karen Neuburger pajama set –

Who wouldn't love a new pair of pajamas?

Who wouldn’t love a new pair of pajamas?

On Christmas Eve, Mrs. Claus always stops by and leaves pajamas for the family (Mrs. Claus and the gift she always leaves).  Well, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I saw that in the package, there was a darling set of red plaid fleece Karen Neuburger pajamas for me!  I wear them all the time.  As a matter of fact, I practically lived in them over Christmas break.  Anyway, these plaid printed pajamas from Von Maur look just PRESH.  Perfect to wear on Valentine’s night if you happen to be watching movies with your family.  (For those of you NOT watching a movie with your family, you can go to the Victoria’s Secret website…they have some pretty pajamas…and lingerie.)


5.  Sweetarts Heart Gummies –



“Hi.  My name is Angela.  I have a problem.  I love Sweetarts Heart Gummies and I can’t stop at just one.”  (Warning:  These Sweetarts Heart Gummies are addictive.  A person will not be able to stop with just one.  You will want to eat half of the bag.)  Oh. My. Word.  These are about the best tasting nuggets of sweetness that I’ve ever had.  I am a sucker for candy (no pun intended) and especially gummy things.  Well.  These knock sour gummy worms right out of the ballpark.  Don’t take my word for it.  Go to Target and pick up a bag for yourself.  You try them and see.  You’ll thank me for it.


6.  More Valentine things –

A cute platter to serve cookies on :)

A cute platter to serve cookies on :)

I saw this at Von Maur and now, it’s on sale!

Isn't this darling?!

Isn’t this darling?!

More Valentine decor from Von Maur and again…on sale!


7.  Family Moments with Maxim, Nate, and Hubby –

So, I had some homework this week.  Well.  Maxim and I had homework.  Today, his 100th Day of School project had to be turned in.  Now, we did get the letter well over a week ago explaining the choices of what we could make at home for this special day.  But in typical Angela fashion, we waited until three nights before it was due to begin the project.  (Honestly, that’s pretty good.  Usually, I’m doing things the night before it’s due.)  Maxim needed to glue 100 items to a poster board or make a greeting card with oh, say 100 polka dots on it.  Well, somewhere between thinking of a good idea and confusion, I muddled the two together.  I had this idea:  I KNOW how much Maxim LOVES bucks, deer, fawns…any type of deer.  (He is soooo like his daddy.)  “Maxim, how about we make a big card that says, ‘Oh deer!  It’s the 100th day of school!’?  Then, when you open the card, there will be 100 pictures of bucks that we’ve cut out from magazines.  Does that sound like a great idea?”  Maxim LOVED it.  (Just to give more background information here, let me explain.  Maxim cuts buck pictures out of magazines ALL OF THE TIME.  He has made two or three collages of the little pictures he cut out of magazines.  And on Sunday, we had JUST recycled one of his collages where he had taped twenty or thirty pictures of deer to it.  So, I was going with things we already had and what I know he loves.)

Long story short, Tuesday night, we enlisted Nate to help us (and Daddy to cheer us on for moral support) and we redeemed the recycled collage and cut out the twenty or so bucks from the butcher paper.  Then, we searched in every deer magazine we had and cut out about eighty pictures of bucks.  (At this point in the project, I was still going strong.  I was so proud of the GREAT idea that I had come up with.)


Nate, Maxim, and I were cutting and sorting deer pictures into groups of ten like professionals.

Going strong.

Going strong.  Notice the butcher paper collage that we were cutting from?  This was one of Maxim’s previous deer projects that he created himself.  For his bedroom wall, of course.

By the end of this portion of the project, this is what my partner looked like:

LAYING on the floor because he was soooo tired.

LAYING on the floor because he was soooo tired.

So, Wednesday night, we (I) printed out the words for the project.  But I couldn’t work anymore due to not feeling up to par.  Project then remained on hold until Thursday night.  (I was slightly nervous about this because I knew we’d have to work fast since I had Bible study and would need to leave home by 6:15.  A slight time crunch.)

Last night, we got out the double sided tape and rubber cement and poster board that I had bought at Wal-Mart.  And we went to town.  Er.  I mean work.  Well.  We started to tape down the buck pictures in groups of ten.  But after about the fourth picture, Maxim was tired of taping down the deer.  Seriously.

Clearly, playing with a pencil is more fun than taping down 96 deer pictures.

Clearly, playing with a pencil is more fun than taping down 96 deer pictures.

I, wait, I mean WE finished the project.  And I was only ten minutes late to Bible study.  (On a side note, Hubby said, “Isn’t that an awfully large greeting card?  I thought greeting cards are only this big,” and he proceeded to show us a 5×7 size of card.  CLEARLY, he didn’t think my GREAT idea of making a large poster board greeting card was as clever as I did.)

Through all of the whining and playing with pencils and rolling around on the floor, I realized that this homework project that lasted for three days was a great mother & son bonding experience.  And I loved it.  I know that Maxim is going to be so proud when he takes his 100th Day project to school.  I’m hoping we he gets a good grade on it.  It is quality workmanship and will be appealing to any deer fanatic.  Hopefully, his kindergarten teacher loves bucks as much as he does.


While Maxim and I were taping 5,346 deer pictures to his “oversized greeting card”, Nate was doing this…

Working on his slam dunk!

Working on his slam dunk!

And this…

Boom.  And that's how it's done!

Boom. And that’s how it’s done!

And this…



And my favorite part about this was seeing his score sheet.

Love it!

Love it!

Yes, he worked on his three-pointers, his two-pointers, and dunks. 🙂  I love that he is practicing basketball non-stop.


8.  New tires on my car –

(I know.  Eight things for Fun Friday Favorites!  I couldn’t help it…just too many great things to share about!)

Well, I have been needing some new tires for awhile.  Hubby got a new truck over Christmas and ordered different tires (because evidently new trucks don’t come equipped with heavy-duty, tough tires).  So, we decided we would put the tires that came on the truck onto my Yukon and he’d order the tires that he so desperately needed.  (Listen.  I get it.  It’s like needing that JUST RIGHT pair of boots.)

On Wednesday, I had the tires put on.  Later on, Hubby texted me.  This text conversation is one of my favorites for the week.


You all.  How am I to know if the tires made a difference when I’m driving?  I mean, yes.  The vehicle drove fine.  I didn’t hear any loud noises.  I didn’t feel any thudding or shaking.  Bless.  I love it that he asked me this and I had NO IDEA.

But I did notice this:


I can’t explain to you why it smelled like cigarettes, but it did.  The old tires they put in my car were smelly.  But my favorite part was Hubby thinking I’d be able to carry on a conversation about how the tires were riding.


Well, this has been one of the longest blog posts ever.  Thank you for reading and I hope your eyes aren’t sore from staring at the screen for so long.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to do a little Valentine shopping or sampling of the tasty Valentine heart gummies!  And remember…when school projects are due or basketballs are bouncing all the time in your house…those are the moments that matter, so we need to enjoy those family moments!  Have a great weekend!


  • Kim Bowman
    January 30, 2015

    Angela, I had to laugh when I read the part when you explained that you weren’t “party animals”. Memories of last summer partying at Bobbers entered my mind!!! HAHA!

  • Angela Banae
    January 30, 2015

    Oh, Kim! I will say that on occasion, say for a great friend’s birthday…then we can take it up a notch. 🙂 That was a lot of fun celebrating Casey’s birthday! But I’m telling you, those days are getting fewer and fewer while the tame nights are becoming more and more!

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