Giving thanks at Thanksgiving and always

Well, hello dear readers! It has been too long! And tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Bring on the  green bean casserole, mashed potatoes & gravy, appetizers, pie, and rolls. Oh, and the turkey. (Can you tell I love me some carbs??!!!)

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Many things have been consuming me, with writing my book proposal at the very top of the list. I have been devoting every writing minute to that monumentus task. But today, I wanted to jump on the blog to reflect on a few things I’m thankful for. With Thanksgiving approaching in about twenty-four hours, I always like to stop and take time to count my blessings. Now, I do this throughout the year, in my Thankful Journal, but I wanted to share what is on my mind with YOU, dear friends.

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Sit back, take a break from making those pie crusts or cleaning the floors or working on your computer and grab a cup of coffee. Or a Pepsi. And enjoy a little bloggin from Angela Banae…these are things I’m grateful for:

  1. Hubby – Oh. Hubby is so patient with me, loves me so much…my quirkyness and all, and Patrick is just so. darn. good. to. me. He’s understanding, tons of fun, and the best!! Love this man soooo much!
    Nate working on his photography skills :)

    So thankful for Patrick #besthubbyever


  2. Our boys – I am so blessed to be Nate’s and Maxim’s mom. I can’t think of a better job to have! They make my heart full, bring us so much joy and FUN to our lives, and I just love them beyond words.
    The boys and me :)

    The boys and me :)

  3. MAC lipglass – Because good lip gloss is important, right?
    Best lip gloss EVER.

    Best lip gloss EVER.

  4. My Keurig – I love a cup of coffee every morning when I wake up! #musthavecreamertoo
  5. God – He is just so good to us and I’m so thankful for my relationship with Him. I’m in awe of His forgiveness that He gives me, the love He has for me, and the peace He brings to my hectic life.
  6. Family – Golly, I’ve got the best family in the entire world. No, really, I do. So thankful for my aunt who texts me to say sweet things about the blog 🙂 , my grandmas who have taught me to love life, my parents for their unending love and encouragement, my in-laws for their love and kindness, my brothers and sister & their spouses for their unconditional love, my nieces and nephews who I love DEARLY, my aunts and uncles and cousins who are just the BEST and so much FUN. I’m super blessed and I love every single family member!
  7. Compliments – in our world, people are often too busy to say something nice or aren’t thinking of how their kind words really do mean something to people. But I love giving compliments and receiving them. They are the best warm fuzzies that make a person feel appreciated and valued. #thankfulforsweetwords
  8. Everything Christmas – movies, music, decorations, desserts, cards….I heart Christmas. I start listening to Christmas music in October. I start watching Christmas movies in November. And I leave up my Christmas decorations through Valentine’s Day. I love EVERYTHING about Christmas and so thankful for the Christmas traditions that we have.
  9. A clean house – this happens about twice a month, but I love a clean home. I really hope to work on being a better housekeeper, but this is not a New Year’s Resolution list. It’s a thankful list. And I’m thankful when our home is clean.
  10. Tombstone pizza – You guys. You know me and my love for pizza. I love having a Tombstone pizza night with my family…we usually have a good show on t.v. to watch while eating our delicious frozen pizza. I could eat Tombstone pizzas five days a week. #addicted
    My fav pizza

    My fav pizza

  11. My comfy, cozy things – I love my comfy blanket, cozy UGG slippers, cuddly sweaters and leggings, soft socks, yummy smelling candles. Give me comfy things to wear and cuddle up in, light a candle, and I’m one happy, thankful gal.
  12. Friends – I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. I can’t do life without you and you are my rocks. You know me and still love me. I’m thankful for our fun times, our deep talks, similar values, and just plain ol’ being a dear friend. Even when life is busy and we may not talk for a week or so or more, I know our friendship is real and solid. And friends, you love me in spite of my tardiness. Yes. You know when I say I’ll be there in 5 minutes, that actually means I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Thanks for loving me, weaknesses and all. #gratefulforyou
  13. Target – Need I say why? Target, you give me a warm, happy feeling when I shop for groceries, nail polish, shirts, gifts, or pillows. And you are so kind to allow me to save 5% with my Red Card. Thank you, Target. Plus, a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut right under the same roof. Brilliant.
  14. My Bible – A few years ago, I started doing the online Bible studyIF: Equip. com (check it out! Our new study starts Monday!) and I was able to really learn how to study and understand the Bible. I love reading and studying God’s Word. Through it, I gain so much wisdom and knowledge on how to live life. Lord knows I need help and I am always encouraged when I read His Word.
  15. Wild Kratts and Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks – These cartoons are good, wholesome shows that our boys like to watch. I’m thankful that there are t.v. shows like this. We parents have enough to worry about, we need to know there are good shows for kids that are actually GOOD.
  16. This blog – I am thankful I have a place to come and write and have readers like you actually want to read it 🙂 You all are awesome and I’m so blessed to have you read this blog!

I could keep going and going about all of the things I’m thankful for. We are so blessed to live in a country where we have the freedom that we have. As Thanksgiving rolls around tomorrow, I hope you’ll reflect on all of the good things in your life. We ARE blessed and we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!  xo Angela Banae


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