I’ll take three cups of coffee for $300 Alex (I’m tired, but I share about Bloomsbury Farm and football)

I feel like I should sign up for the game show “Jeopardy” right now. Yes, Alex. I’ll take three. No wait. Let’s make that six. Yes. Six cups of coffee for $300.

Clearly, I’m not thinking clearly and three cups of coffee have not helped my exhaustion. Maybe I’ll try four when this cup is gone.

I got up at 3:45 this morning when Hubby got up and then, went back to bed for about two more hours. But anyone knows that those two hours when you try to go back to sleep feels like 10 minutes. And your brain is in a constant state of dreaming. For the love. I enjoy a good dream, but not when I’d rather just SLEEP.

ANYWAY. I’m a little tired.

I meant to blog more this week. But I had a lot of things running around in my brain. And you know me and trying to make decisions…I’m not great at it. So, I just did what any good person would do. I avoided making a decision. Hence the lack of blogging.

I’ll tell you about some of those things that were running around in my brain.

For one:  I had an epiphany. You know, that moment when you see or understand something in a new or very clear way. Well. I guess I sort of had an epiphany. (Bless. I can’t make up my mind right now to save my life. That is called tired brain. Or mom brain. It is reminiscent of how a mom felt when she was nursing a newborn and was being the good, loving mother and she got up every two hours to feed her tender new life rather than get a minute of good sleep.)

In my sort-of-epiphany moment, I began to think maybe it was something I should share on the blog. But I wasn’t sure I should get all deep about fear and how it can paralyze you and stifle you. So, I nixed that blog idea. For now.

Then, I thought about writing a Weekend Recap and sharing about the fun time I had taking the boys and some neighbor kids to see the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 last Friday afternoon, which was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. (I was laughing out loud so much. I was getting tickled with myself, I tell you.) (It is definitely a movie I’d recommend you go to.) (Oh, and take the kids, too…they’ll love it almost as much as you.)

Another blog post idea I had was sharing about the football games that Nate and Maxim have played in and how they’ve been so delightful to watch. Well, I’ll share some pics…

Our favorite #8. We love watching him score touchdowns!!

Our favorite #8. We love watching him score touchdowns!!

Nate the great :)

Nate the great :)

Maxim ready to play tough defense :)

Maxim ready to play tough defense

Maxim is LOVING this football gig :)

Maxim is LOVING football :)

Along with Weekend Recap ideas, I thought maybe I would share how Hubby and I took the boys to Bloomsbury Farm on Sunday afternoon…in hopes of encouraging you to do some type of fall fun with your family, if you haven’t yet. Well, I took tons of pictures. With that in mind, I’ve made a decision. (The angels just sang, I believe. I made a decision in this tired, sleepy state I’m in at this moment.) So, here was our family fun at Bloomsbury Farm.

Sunday, we went to church, came home and changed, then headed for some good ol’ family fun down on the farm. As in Bloomsbury Farm. We love us some Bloomsbury Farm!

We raced big “tractors”…

Daddy and Nate racing

Daddy and Nate racing

This boy. Love his smile!

This boy. Love his smile!

Me trying to catch up to Maxim ;)

Me trying to catch up to Maxim ;)

Then, we went and shot paintball guns at targets (metal roosters, old tin buckets, etc…)…

Shooting the paint ball guns

Maxim aiming with one eye :)

Nate taking aim at a bucket

Nate taking aim at a bucket. Daddy and I shot the paintball guns next. I don’t want to brag, but my three boys were pretty impressed with my shooting skills. #nailedit

Next up, we enjoyed lunch at Bloomsbury Farm – grilled hamburgers and yummy fries. And Maxim just HAD to get this souvenir…

He loved this pig nose :)

A pig nose :)

My three favorite boys :)

My three favorite boys :)


Bloomsbury Farm has so much to do. The boys played on swings, ran on tires, buried each other in the corn, and had a great time.


IMG_6595 IMG_6596

Playing in the corn!

Playing in the corn!

We didn’t go through the adult corn maze because it was HUGE. But we enjoyed the kids maze. Of course, I had to think of the movie Children of The Corn when we went into the field (hahaha)…

We had fun at the Kids Corn Maze

We had fun in the Kids Corn Maze

Spinning the activity wheel in the corn maze...goofy boys!

Spinning the activity wheel in the corn maze…goofy boys!

Family pic!

Family pic!

We enjoyed going through the haunted barn, taking a hayrack ride out to the pumpkin patch, and more!

Nate and Maxim played hide-and-seek on the tractor tire playground...see Maxim curled up in that tire hiding from Nate?  :)

Nate and Maxim played hide-and-seek on the tractor tire playground…see Maxim curled up in the tire hiding from Nate? :)

The jumping pillow is always a BIG HIT!

The jumping pillow is always a BIG HIT!


After grabbing a caramel apple, drinks, and other snacks, we called it a day.

Good times at Bloomsbury Farm  :)

Good times at Bloomsbury Farm!

And that is how our weekend went. It was another beautiful fall weekend, spending time together as a family.

This weekend, we are heading to my parents. I’ve got my college reunion (20th year…YIKES!) to attend back at Central College. And in typical Angela Banae manner, I’m already struggling with decisions…boots or flats or Converse? Oh boy. What to wear???

You see, it’s not that easy. Saturday morning, many alums are meeting at the local coffeehouse. Flats would be perfect for that. Then, we will head to tailgate and watch the football game. Converse tennis shoes would be perfectly sporty and nice. And following the game, is the class picture and reunion gathering where wearing boots would be perfect. But there’s a few problems with all of these thoughts…I don’t live on campus anymore, so running back to my dorm between social events is not an option. (And my car is not a suitable dressing room option.) And BLESS. The last thing people care about is what shoes someone is wearing. I’m confident I’ll have a few good nights of sleep and with a rested mind, I’ll be able to make the right choice of shoes. #priorities

Because the last thing “Jeopardy needs is for me to say, “Yah Alex, I’ll take shoes for $900. Or wait. Is it for $400? Wait. Can I switch game shows? I’d like to phone a friend.”

In all of my indecisiveness, I think I’ll go get that fourth cup of coffee. And call it a day.








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