It’s been a little quiet on here

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Ah, yes. Thankfully, you are, dear friend. You, my friend, are SOLID. We are SOLID FRIENDS. No fair weather friendship here. Thank you.

It’s been quiet on here, but I can explain. First. Let me begin by sharing what we’ve been up to lately.

Last Friday, I helped with Maxim’s party at school. I love getting to see the first graders all dressed up. And his school has a Halloween parade, so you get to see all of the students in their Halloween get-up. So much fun!

Our little football player :)

The cutest Giant’s football player EVER

Friday night and Saturday morning, we had basketball games for the boys.

Me and my three favorite boys :)

Me and my three favorite boys :)

And then. Saturday night, we Halloween’ed it all up. Nate wore Daddy’s high school football jersey and Maxim was a Giants football player…Odell Beckham Jr. The boys had a great time trick-or-treating and this mama had a few problems with self-control. #blametheHersheys

Nate wore Daddy's high school football jersey and Maxim was Odell Beckham Jr. #footballstuds


The boys and their buddy, Brock, ready to go trick-or-treating

The boys and their friend, Brock, ready to go trick-or-treating

On Sunday, we celebrated the birthdays of my mother-in-law and father-in-law. The boys had a great time hanging with their cousin Tate.




And this happened on Sunday night…

Christmas flannel sheets!

Christmas flannel sheets!

Santa and his reindeer

We heart Christmas

YES. I have no shame. I love Christmas. Sunday night, we surprised the boys with new flannel sheets. They were almost as excited as I was. We watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to kick off the season. I was hoping to start watching the Hallmark channel Christmas movies, but the boys wanted to watch a Christmas cartoon movie. With all of the Christmas talk, Hubby decided he’d watch t.v. in the bedroom. He was still claiming it to be Halloween. (HELLO. It was November 1st, honey.) Okay, so he might not be as excited about bringing on the holidays as I am…

Anyway. I’ve been absent this week from the blog. Yes. It’s been quiet. Unusual for the chatty person that I usually am. Let me share why…

Do you know what’s not fun? Deadlines. Yes. I’ve been working on a project for my book and I’ve given myself a deadline. Do you know what else isn’t fun? Giving yourself a deadline and WRITING IT DOWN. Now, there’s no excuse. It’s in my planner. It must get done.

Honestly, this is good for the procrastinator/avoider-of-hard-things kind of person that I am. Am I the only one who FLEES from challenging things? An image of a turtle is probably popping into your head right now. YEP. I do that. Shrink back when things get hard.

Praise God I have a hubby who will take the hard road and speak some truth in my life. Encourage me to go after those goals and keep pursuing them. And so. I have a plan. And a deadline. I would love your prayers as I finish this proposal. Wanting to write the right words. Put it into the hands of the right people. And for God to bless this work and see it come to fruition. I appreciate your prayers!

And I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Fun Friday Favorites. Because some things in life are of utmost importance.




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