Perfectionism will crush any good thing

Well. Isn’t that a lovely title? I know. Wisdom oozes from my veins.  Hahaha

First off, let me begin by saying that at the rate I’m blogging, I’ll have about 12 blog posts for the year of 2016. That, my friends, is what you call sad.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been slightly busy. As in ALL OUT BUSY. I’ve been keeping a lot of plates spinning and thankfully, none of them have fallen yet. Ask my mom. (I get this quality from her, by the way.) I think I can do anything and everything if I just have a few hours in a day. Hence, I sign up for this and that and next thing you know, it’s April and about a month has gone by with neither a blog post nor a simple hello. My deepest apologies. (For any future wannabe bloggers, don’t follow those footsteps. Your blog post followers might not stick with you, causing your audience numbers to drop off like flies.) (Thankfully, I have THE BEST BLOG FOLLOWERS IN THE WORLD. You guys stick with me through thick and thin. You are true, faithful, nonjudgmental readers who aren’t just readers, but DEAR FRIENDS.) And so, thank you for continuing to be a reader when this gal (two thumbs pointing at me) hasn’t been the avid writer lately.

Sometimes, I blog about my Fun Friday Favorites (which I LOVE). To blog about fashion and home products and other “must have” items…this is so fun and easy and if you know me, you know I don’t keep good things a secret. I pass on to my dear readers the latest and greatest makeup products, hair products, recipes, and all other important favorites of mine.

Sometimes, I’ll write a Weekend Recap sharing about the joys of motherhood and family life. Those are fun posts that cause me to reflect on the joys of this great life I am living with Hubby, our two boys, and our dear family and friends. Hopefully, those posts cause you to reflect on your weekend and make you stop and savor the moments with your family and friends, as well.

And then, I’ve blogged about other random things…vacations, reunions, funny moments, and the list goes on.

All of these things are fun to write about and when I sit down and take the time, the keyboard starts whizzing and my fingers are tapping away ferociously at the keys, writing down my thoughts that are pouring out of me.

For the past few months (or longer) (HEY. Who’s counting?), I haven’t been the avid blogger that I long to be. Which takes us back to the title. Perfectionism. It truly will crush any good thing.

Many, many times, I think about a blog post I’d like to write. Then, I think…is that what my readers want to hear? Will they think it’s too serious? Maybe they don’t want to hear about what spoke to me in my quiet time in the morning. Are they only wanting the light-hearted and funny stuff? For the love, we all have enough trouble and drama in our own lives, they don’t need to hear about my worries and fears! I can’t be a Debbie Downer! Gosh, I’ve got nothing to share. No new recipes, no new fashion finds, nada, nothing. And so, thoughts of writing the perfect blog post hinder me from being real and sharing my heart. And time has been a factor, too. If I sit down to write a “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey Angela Banae”, that might take a LOOOOOONG time and I have a full schedule this morning…might not have enough time.

But friends. I’ve realized that insanity has got to stop. All of that worrying and negative thinking has brought NOTHING good to me nor to this blog. So, today, I’m throwing caution to the wind and perfectionism out the door.

I may or may not have the funniest blog post to write about. But I’m going to write it. I may or may not have a mind-blowing recipe for you, but I need to pop on here more and say hello. (Come on, once a month??…that has got to go! I have missed you with all of my heart, dear readers!!)


This blog is where we can be real. I want to remember that I began writing this blog so that we could be a community of friends who don’t put on a facade. I don’t have it all together and I sure don’t want you to think I do. I hope to share my heart, keep blogging because I love to write, and hopefully, in all of this messy, real-life stuff…encourage you.

John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill and to destroy.” But then, Jesus goes on to say…”I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” AMEN! I am not letting the enemy come to steal my love of writing. I know. Some of you all just went, “What the what?” Yes, we have a real enemy who wants to destroy our dreams and steal our hopes and kill the goodness in life. But Jesus came so that we can have life AND have it MORE ABUNDANTLY. Can I get a whoop whoop?!

I still dream to be a writer and a blogger who encourages people and I can’t let perfectionism stand in the way. Ain’t nobody got time for that, sister. And that is where I need to throw perfectionism out the window. Buh-bye.

On Easter Sunday, we were getting ready for church and I got the ties out for the boys. Same exact tie for Nate and for Maxim. (See, they are loving the whole tie-wearing thing when it comes to dressing up for school concerts and special occasions, such as Easter.) Only problem, I bought clip ties this time, not the real ones. (Listen. I CANNOT tie a tie, and Hubby has problems tying a tie, too. Don’t tell him I said that. ANYWAY. One can only watch YouTube so many times to learn the tying technique, but on Easter Sunday when we CANNOT be late for church…there ain’t no YouTube watching going on. Not when we had the Easter Bunny come and eggs were to be found and baskets of candy to be eaten…all before church.) Long story short, I clipped on Nate’s tie and he scooted to the car. Maxim needed his tie clipped on and that’s when my “perfectly dressed family in cute Easter clothes” dream slipped right. through. my. fingers. The clip tie was tight. Or should I say the white button-up shirt was too tight when all of the buttons were buttoned up. Which led to a mini melt-down (maybe from Maxim AND myself). Which led to a clip tie laying on the counter instead of around a cute six-year old’s neck. Which led to a cute little six-year old wearing a plain white button down shirt resembling a Fareway grocery store boy who wanted to load your groceries.

I could have let the unperfect moment ruin our day. Of course, I’m mature and I forgave our sweet little six-year old for the melt-down and I think I asked for forgiveness from the mom melt-down I might have had…BUT. I took this picture because I wanted to remember this day. Even if Maxim claimed to Daddy, Nate, and I that “this tie is as tight as a rocket number”. (I don’t even know what to say about rocket numbers, but apparently rocket numbers are tight and uncomfortable.)


With all of that said, or written, whatever…I hope I’ve encouraged you today. Life isn’t perfect. It’s messy. But if we let perfectionism control us, we won’t live the life God is calling us to live. I know I want all that God has planned for me. Therefore, I need to stop being fearful and waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment. And I need to live life abundantly.

How about you? We’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m going to shake off perfectionism and start living this messy, real, beautiful life that God has given me. I hope you will do the same. We’ve got great lives to live and perfectionism isn’t going to stop us from living this good life God has blessed each of us with!!




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