Take a Trip Tuesday: Meet Jeremy Bryan

Hi and welcome back to Take a Trip Tuesday!

Each Tuesday, we take a trip.  Go meet someone and do what I do best.  Ask them TONS of questions.  We’ll find out about this person and perhaps some great places about where they live…just in case you want to go and visit their town…so come with me on a little road trip.  Today, we’ll travel to central Iowa, outside of the Des Moines metropolitan area, to meet a friend of mine from high school days.

I’d like to introduce you to ~ Jeremy Bryan

What is your current job title?
Owner/Financial planner

Share with us about your family.
Married to my wife Andrea for 14 years, she is a stay at home mom but also helps me at my office.  Daughter, Mackenzie, is 12 and going into 7th grade and lives for soccer.  Son, Carter, is 9 going into 4th grade, and keeps our family busy following him when playing soccer, basketball and baseball.  Lastly, our twin daughters, Mallory and Bennett are 7 years old and going into 2nd grade.  They also love playing soccer and are great supporters of their older siblings.

Mackenzie, Carter, Mallory, and Bennett

Mackenzie, Carter, Mallory, and Bennett

You are living in Johnston, Iowa. Where are three places everyone should go if they come to visit your town?
Johnston is an interesting suburb of Des Moines.  There are not a lot of entertainment options within Johnston outside of restaurants and a movie theatre complex.  Johnston is home to Camp Dodge, Pioneer, and John Deere Credit.  I assume that these are the three biggest employers.  Camp Dodge does have a military museum that draws many visitors.  Johnston is also very close to Saylorville Lake and it’s parks and trails.  Maybe there are some things to do here??

Jeremy and his family

Jeremy and his family

What is something you love about your home?
I love my house because it allows us the comfort of great neighbors and is centrally located between the schools that my kids attend, the practice fields that my kids use, and my office.

Share with us what your favorite meal is.
I love a great grilled hamburger at home and sautéed vegetables.

Tell us about an amazing place you have visited.
I love San Diego.  I’ve had an opportunity to be there for business many times and love the cool temperatures and fresh ocean air.  I could move there in an instant.

What is currently on your DVR?  Cartoons, Disney channel, iCarly, Zoey101, Big time Rush, and Shark Tank.  You see the pattern!

Your favorite books of all time?
Millionaire Next Door, anything Judy Blume, and my diary.

Share with us a funny memory from long ago. This could pertain to elementary school, high school, or last week…
One night after a high school basketball game, my partners in crime and I went to the local green house that was selling trampolines.  One trampoline was chained standing up-right to a light pole so we obtained a pair of bolt cutters and cut it down.  The police saw us and ended up chasing us thru the greenhouse.  Fortunately for us, a door was left open at the greenhouse and we ran like track stars.


Okay, give it to us straight up. What are your top five go-to snacks?
Sunflower seeds, granola bars, sunflower seeds, vanilla bean Breyers ice cream, and sunflower seeds

If you had to live somewhere else in the world, where would it be and why?
Still San Diego

Three things you’d take if stranded on a deserted island…
My 1980 Boy Scout survival manual, suntan lotion, and my wife

What are four items that are always in your refrigerator or  your pantry?…share with us!
Gallons of milk & OJ, yogurt, salsa and a variety of deli sliced meats for lunch and dinner on the go.

What is your favorite thing to cook, grill, or bake?
Love to grill steaks, burgers and brats.  Just started smoking meats last summer, which is becoming a hobby.

What are you really good at?
I believe staying calm under pressure is a trait that I have.

Favorite sport?
I really love them all.  All of my kids play either competitive or recreational soccer, and I’m also the VP of the Johnston Soccer club so I spend a lot of time around the soccer fields.  I also coach my sons tournament baseball team and my oldest daughters basketball team.


What is your favorite season and why?
I love fall.  Cool crisp mornings & high school football.

Your top three favorite songs of all time?
Anything by Milli Vanilli, Journey, and Lenny Kravitz.

What is a memory you have of me (us)?
I don’t have a specific memory, but I do know that we spent a lot of time hanging out and cruising around the mall in Oskaloosa in high school.  Good times!

Well, that wraps up our interview.  JB, thank you so much for sharing about YOU!  It’s great to see pictures of your family and hear that life is going well for you!  We’ve had some fun memories cruising the Osky strip.  I do remember the first time meeting you…my friends and I had just finished our sophomore year and you and some buddies were playing sand volleyball at Edmundson Park in Oskaloosa.  I think you guys were trying to recreate the volleyball scene from Top Gun.  We thought you guys were so funny!  Thank you for being a guest on this blog!  Next week, we’ll look forward to meeting another person!

Remember, be thinking of how you’d answer all of these questions because I’ll probably be asking to interview YOU sometime soon! Finding out the little details about people…that’s what makes life so beautiful and interesting!!


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