Weekend Recap: Everything is awesome

Can you guess what DVD we bought this weekend?  Yes, The Lego movie.  And everything is awesome.  Because Emmet and The Lego movie say it is.

Well, Friday was a day of taking the boys to the pool and then, in the evening, Hubby and I went to celebrate our friend, Casey’s, birthday at the lake.  We were at the camp site and later headed down to Bobber’s because KARAOKE.  People.  If you know me well, then you know how I love to get my groove on and sing karaoke.

Not to disappoint, I put in a request for my “go-to” song.  And I’d like to think that I nailed it.  “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar is my all-time favorite.  At this stage in our marriage, Hubby just sits back and casually carries on a conversation with others around him.  It doesn’t woo him or give him any glimmer of hope that I might be the next American Idol.  But it’s all in good fun and I just love me a little karaoke.

Saturday, we were up with the birds bright and early because Nate had a baseball game.  With our bags packed and a quick stop at the gas station for an array of sunflower seeds (by the way, those BBQ flavored sunflower seeds are amazing), we rolled onto the diamonds in plenty of time.  I’d like to think this is because I’m always so prompt, but we all know that isn’t the case.  It’s because Hubby was driving.


The game was close and we were leading by two runs in the last inning until the 5’11” catcher from the other time got up to bat.  (Seriously, I wanted this kid I.D.’ed because he did NOT look like he was a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader.)  Then, the unthinkable happened.  He smacked that ball so hard and yes.  Homerun for him.  What a game.

So, we went to the local gas station and had some lame chicken and a slice of not-so-good-tasting pizza to ease the pain.

Saturday afternoon, we spent time at the 240.  It was a great afternoon and the boys were loving it.  At one point, Patrick picked a pretty Black-Eyed Susan and gave it to me.  Well, that must have made an impression because this happened about ten minutes later.

Maxim picking some wildflowers for me

Maxim picked some itty bitty wildflowers just for me

Yep.  Melt my heart.

My freshly picked flowers...I'm one lucky gal

My freshly picked flowers…I’m one lucky gal

The boys had fun eating some berries, spotting a fawn near a tree, putting out some deer food, and doing your typical outdoorsy things.


Putting out deer food for the...deer

Putting out deer food for the…deer



Later, after we got back home that evening, the kids played and a few moms and I in the neighborhood decided to have an impromptu grill-out.

An evening of BBQ and good times with neighbors

An evening of BBQ and good times with neighbors

Sunday was a day of going to church.  Running to get some groceries.  (I have to say that when we ran into Wal-Mart, the boys suckered Daddy into letting them each get something.  Hence, The Lego movie.  I just smiled as I looked at Patrick because he has been telling me, “Ang, don’t go buying them something every time you go to the store. ”  I don’t do this often, but sometimes, yes.  Well, this was a winning moment for me because he knew he was the guilty one…I just stood back and gloated.  And, they even got a magazine.  Yes.  Because hunting and car magazines are a necessity.)

After getting groceries and unneeded movies and magazines, the boys and I headed down to Grandma Helen’s to visit my Auntie Elaine who was back from New York.  We had a nice time visiting with family, enjoying Dairy Creme food, and letting all of the cousins play.

And now.  Everything is awesome because our living room looks like Legoland.

Our very own Legoland

Our very own Legoland

Legos are everywhere and I’m going to look like a ninja kicking and screaming if I step on one of those darn pieces.



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