Weekend Recap: I might need to go on blood pressure medicine

We had a nice weekend relaxing and getting back into the groove of normal family life. With Hubby back from his elk adventure, we were all ready for some normalcy. And though I’d like to report that the bloody elk teeth lying on the kitchen counter (souvenirs for the boys from the elk Tom shot) are washed up and in some fancy decorative glass box where the ivory can be appreciated by all, that’s not the case. No. They are still wrapped up in paper towels. Because some things are just more of a priority than cleaning elk teeth. But. They aren’t on the kitchen counter anymore. These “beautiful elk teeth made of ivory” have ventured their way to the garage where their dried blood won’t offend anyone. #lifeofme #theonlygirlinthehouseanditshows

In other exciting new, I’ll have you know that I wasn’t as productive as I was hoping. Sure, I did the usual four or six loads of laundry and dishes and made beds. But I was hoping to work on some piles and projects. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has piles and PILES of kids’ school work and bills. And I swear. Those darn piles are like rabbits. They mass produce like no other.

ANYHOO. Saturday evening we attended a fundraiser benefit for our friends and it was nice to enjoy an adult evening with Hubby and our friends. Sunday we went to church and then decided a nap was the most important thing on the agenda. At least for Hubby and I. The boys played and watched t.v.

By the time Sunday night rolled around, I was ready for an early bedtime because Francy and I had decided we’d start working out in the early mornings of 5:00 a.m. YIKES. I knew if I was going to meet her at the gym, I’d need to be in bed early. I was thinking 8:00 sounded nice. But around 6:30, Hubby decided that renting a movie from DISH was a good idea. And that is where my calm and level-headed, low blood pressure self left. My nice and relaxing weekend changed drastically Sunday evening as I got all caught up in  being filled with great angst and tension.

San Andreas...a great flick

San Andreas…a great flick


You guys. San Andreas is a riveting, action-packed movie that will elevate your blood pressure about one minute into the movie. I knew when the girl was trapped in her car and hanging off the edge of a cliff that my evening was going to be anything but calm. No 8:00 bedtime on the agenda now.

The movie is PG-13 and we felt the action/drama/thriller would be okay for the boys to watch. We love The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) and felt an action movie would be harmless. WELL. After watching the girl barely escape death from her car, then the first earthquake in L.A., and then the first earthquake in San Francisco, Nate and Maxim declared that they were going into our bedroom to watch something different. #suspenseful #tomandjerrycartoon

Eventually, the boys came back out in the living room and we finished watching the nail-biter, but only after some comfort food in the manner of chips and candy corn.

While I’m completely aware that I’m no Siskel, nor Ebert for that matter, I’d highly recommend the movie to anyone wanting to spike their blood pressure and stir up any hint of an ulcer in one’s stomach. It was a great movie.

And that is how our weekend ended. With a scientific discussion of the San Andreas Fault and plates in the earth and what one should do if one is in an earthquake. I’m just hoping for no earthquake to occur in Iowa. Because to my knowledge, I don’t have The Rock’s cell number. And by the skills he displayed in the movie, THAT is who I’d want to call if we were trapped in a collapsing building.


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