Weekend Recap: It’s all about the boys

Our weekend was fun and from the title of today’s blog, you can guess…it was all about the boys.

We had t-ball Saturday morning for this cutie pie:

Cutest first basemen EVER.

Cutest first basemen EVER.

Maxim loves playing ball and for all the MANY nights he has to go to big brother’s games and practices, this is time for Maxim to shine.  And he does 🙂

Love these games :)

Oh. My. Love this little ball player!

After t-ball, we made an important trip to Gander Mountain because fishing poles and bait were on Hubby’s mind.  I get it.  He’s just like me.  Except Michael Kors handbags are on my mind.  Whatever.  We are similar.  Kind of.

Saturday afternoon, the boys had a kickball game in the back yard with their friends.  And I worked on the fun stuff.  Laundry, dishes, picking up the MILLIONS of shoes by our door.  #goodtimesforall


Then, we went to the 240 later that afternoon because every male in my house was dying to fish.  Amongst the bitter wind and the cold, worms were put on hooks and lines were thrown out in hopes of catching a BIG OL’ FISH.  And fish were caught.  And released.  But we had a nice evening.  And the new fishing pole works like a dream.  These are important things.

And then, Sunday came and we drove to Bettendorf for Nate’s track meet.  It was a gorgeous day for running (and in my case…not running, but cheering on my favorite track star).

We love this little guy :)

We love this little guy :)

I’m thrilled that Nate’s heel seems to be completely healed and he is doing well in his races.  He ran the 100 m dash, 400 m dash, and 800 m run.  And for the record, YES.  He is STILL able to beat me even though I’ve been working on my sprints. Hahaha

And that was our weekend.  It’s all about the boys.  And I’m good with that.  Because as I watched Nate’s 4th grade promotion on Friday, they showed his kindergarten picture and his current 4th grade picture and you all…I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  Being a mom is such a gift and I love these busy times.  It’s true when they say the days may be long, but the years are short.

My hopes are for all of us to enjoy today because it truly is a gift 🙂


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