When you’re given lemons…make lemonade

We’ve all heard this idiom before.  Yes, when you’re given a lemon (which is sour and pretty awful to eat by itself), make something sweet out of it.  Like lemonade.

Friends, that is what I’m choosing to do.  On Wednesday, I was given a lemon.  But mine wasn’t sour.  It was crunchy.

I sent this text to my hubby…

chipped tooth


Listen.  I have no good explanation for it.  I mean, who would have thought a Rice Krispy bar that I made would do THIS??!!!!  

(By the way…Tara, I’m just loving the Pixlr Express app (that allows you to type words right on pictures that you take)!  Thank you for showing me this app and how to use it.  Even in times of tragedy and dental issues, I use it.  I’m a devoted student putting this great app to use.)

I took a bite and I was perplexed that it was so crunchy.  I thought maybe it was just the cute little Halloween sprinkles that I put on the bars.

I went about business.  Doing laundry and other glorified jobs that we stay-at-home moms do.  And then, my tongue brushed against my tooth.  And I felt the jaggedness.


After going to the mirror, I realized that I could curse the world or thank God for just giving me a nice little blog story to write about.  I chose the later one.

In my defense, this is the same tooth that I chipped centuries ago.  Or maybe eight years ago.  Something like that.  I had our dentist bond it and I believe the bonding is what finally chipped off.

The irony of all of this nonsense is this text I got last week from Hubby.

tooth text

What is going on?  I’m becoming more and more aware that we need to be putting more calcium into our diet.  But BOTH of us breaking a tooth within a week of each other?? ENOUGH LEMONS.

My dear friend, Michelle, suggested that maybe we get our teeth fixed together…kinda like a couples massage.  We could hold hands…oh, how intimate and precious it could be!

So, if any of you have a dentist who is having a “Couples Special” on dental work, please let me know.  I’d prefer there to be a massage to follow because I am trying to make lemonade out of these lemons.




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