Hello and welcome to my blog, Angela Banae!  And yes, I always have something to say.


Having this blog is where who I am and the things that I love all mesh together.  I love to talk.  A lot.  I’m always telling stories (and every single detail about that story).  Humor and laughter make my heart happy.  I am a cheerleader (well, years ago I was a cheerleader) and I want to cheer you on and encourage you as we live our busy lives.  Together, we can see the blessings we are given.  Also, I love to share ideas, recipes, bits of wisdom, great fashion finds, and other favorites that I think are amazing.


Want to know more about me, Angela Banae?  Stick around.  You’ll see that…



I love JESUS soooo much.  I am confident that He has a wonderful plan for each of us and I hope that I can be an encourager to you in your walk with Him.  My FAMILY means the world to me.  Being a wife, mom, daughter, sister, etc…is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.  I love my family whole-heartedly and each day, I find new joys at being smack dab in the middle of the life God has given me.  I’m an OPTIMISTIC dreamer.  I always think that great and unbelievable thing you are dreaming of…could happen, even though most people see the likeliness of it happening at about one in a gazillion.  FOOD…I love sweets, soups, cheese, and chocolate.  I’m not a gourmet cook, but I love to share recipes.  I tend to be faithful to my tastebuds and when I find something my family and I love, I cook it.  A lot.  So, hopefully, you’ll find a recipe or two on my blog that will become one of your favorites.  INDECISIVENESS…it may or may not be a problem of mine.  This started back when I was young and couldn’t decide between the Twix or Snickers candy bars at the gas station.  Oh yes, I have times where it is extremely difficult for me to make up my mind.  LAUGHTER…I can laugh at inappropriate times and generally, if this happens, I’m bound to be shaking uncontrollably as I try to hold back my laugh.  But this is what makes life fun and laughing is good for the soul!  Laughing makes my heart happy and I love to laugh with you!  FRIENDS…I love my girlfriends and I’m someone you can trust.  They mean so much to me and I’m grateful for each and every one of my friends.  When times get tough, I’m there for them and I’ll be there for you.  Because as Dionne Warwick once said, “That’s what friends are for”.  HONESTY matters to me.  I want honesty from you and I will give it right back.  But please be graceful and loving about it when you are honest with me because brashness can make me cry.  I’m not thick-skinned…be gentle.  FUN…you can count on having fun when we’re together because life is meant to be enjoyed!  Someone once said, “Having fun is what makes the world go around”…or maybe that was something else.  DRAMATIC.  I might be a little dramatic at times.  But, then again, don’t say that I didn’t tell you.  I’m only stating the facts here.  QUESTIONS…I’ve always got questions and I’m not afraid to ask them.  Just ask my friends from my high school algebra class.  I was the one with my hand in the air all the time, asking our teacher questions.  (God bless our teacher for being so patient with me.)  I only asked a million questions so that I could really understand this thing they call math.  But let me tell you.  All of my classmates appreciated it.  Because they were all wondering the same thing.  Only I was the one who was courageous enough to ask the questions.  All of the time.  As in, constantly.


So, thank you for stopping by.  I hope to get to know you and feel free to visit often.  And.  When you do visit, let me know.  A comment, simple thumbs up, a smiley face, anything.  I LOVE hearing from each of you.