Fun Friday Favorites: Fall fashion and yes…Kickapoo Krunch Bars. THE RECIPE!

Well, hello FRIDAY!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Fridays??? I heart them. It’s been a goofy week with the holiday on Monday and kids not having school on Tuesday. And I’m back to subbing at the boys’ schools. Not to mention practices, meetings, and a football scrimmage. Busy BUT. I couldn’t forget Continue Reading

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Fun Friday Favorites: I’m back! With a recipe, fashion, and lots more!

Hello friends! It has been FOREVER, I know. While I didn’t intend on taking seven weeks off from blogging (seriously, that was like a sabbatical, only it was unpaid. 🙂 Hahaha), it happened and I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you! I have much to share about our summer. Our family Continue Reading

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Fun Friday Favorites: Birthday Week, lemon cake, and my book update

If this hasn’t been a super busy week, then I don’t know what to say. You all. This springtime busyness has me going nonstop. Bob Seger was right…we were running’ against the wind. All. Week. Long. Running against the wind. It might be a busy week, but there’s always time for some Fun Friday Favorites! Continue Reading

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Fun Friday Favorites: Puppy Chow (THE recipe) and gold jewelry…it’s the “IN” thing

You know what’s more fun than getting dental work done? About anything. You see, I had some dental work done yesterday and I feel that I’m reaching some mid-age crisis as I am in need of a crown. And not the pretty, sparkly kind that I would enjoy wearing upon my head. NO. The tooth Continue Reading

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Fun Friday Favorites: Yummy Christmas recipes

You guys. I can’t believe in one week it will be Christmas. ONE WEEK. I repeat…ONE WEEK. Eeeeeekk! I have a lot of wrapping to do! The boys were down and out with the flu bug this week, so not one ounce of baking was done. But we did watch our fair share of Christmas Continue Reading

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Graveyard Bars recipe and Grandma Helen’s Fall Party

Sunday night through yesterday, we were up to our necks in the stomach bug and not feeling well around here. Not this mama, but Maxim and Hubby and then, Nate felt under-the-weather yesterday. So, the boys and I stayed home and watched a good amount of t.v. in pajamas. Here’s to hoping we are over that Continue Reading

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Well, hello National Pumpkin Day! A few pumpkin favorites…

I had no idea that today is National Pumpkin Day. Yesterday, while shopping at Barnes & Noble (or as Maxim calls it…Barnes & Nobo), I received this coupon, making me aware of this great day… WELL. Since it’s National Pumpkin Day, I felt it was necessary to highlight some of my favorite pumpkin things. Weekend Continue Reading

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Freezing corn, cute kittens, and a near crisis…

Well.  Sometimes.  Just SOMETIMES…I overreact.  You all.  Listen.  If you had the traumatic incident that I had yesterday while freezing corn, you would have reacted the SAME WAY.  I’m almost sure of it.  Ummmmm…okay.  Maybe YOU wouldn’t have reacted like I did, but I can’t help it that weird things happen to me.  AND that Continue Reading

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Fun Friday Favorites: Laid back fashion and a little basketball

Before I even start with the wonderful Fun Friday Favorites, I feel the need to scream with excitement!  We are DONE with many major commitments and summer is about to start feeling like summer.  Whoop whoop. While the boys have LOVED their summer camps and ball games and track meets and such, I can’t express how Continue Reading

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A yummy recipe: Easy Guacamole

It’s been forever since I’ve shared a recipe, but I’m trying to get back into my groove.  I’m not promising the moon.  Or a five-course meal.  But I’ve got a recipe to share.  A delicious appetizer that you’ll want to make over and over again, especially throughout the summer months. A few years ago, I was at Continue Reading

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