Fun Friday Favorites: A little fall fashion, books, and more

Well. It’s Friday. And I’m so glad we’ve got a three day weekend coming up. This back-to-school business has me ready for some easy-going mornings without having to make sandwiches in record time, wash and slice apples AND put a little lemon juice on them because no one likes to eat brown apples for lunch, and signing agendas and so on. Yes. Three day weekend, we are ready for you.

Our week was busy with practices, Hubby’s birthday, Bunko, working on decimals and fractions and mixed numbers, and trying to keep up with our good reading habits. I’ll share more about Hubby’s birthday and our reading habits farther down the blog.

But. Now. Fun Friday Favorites is IN THE HOUSE!!!!! Can we get a wahhooooo?!

I’ll start right out with fashion. I took the liberty and only chose from one store. Target. With their new Self-Checkout Lane, I figured you could run in and out within five minutes and have yourself some new wardrobe staples, IF you use the Angela Banae shopping guide (aka…Fun Friday Favorites). Seriously. Look at my pic below. Quick and easy checkout lanes for when you are in a hurry…

Using the Self-Checkout lane at Target. Simple. Fast. Brilliant.

Using the Self-Checkout lane at Target. Simple. Fast. Brilliant.


And now, for today’s Fun Friday Favorites…

1.  Merona plaid shirt at Target –

This is a perfect fall shirt!

This is a perfect fall shirt!

Well. You had me at plaid. I saw this at Target and after trying it on, I knew that I couldn’t part with it. So, in the cart it went and now, I’m the owner of a new plaid shirt. I don’t know what else to say. This shirt will look great with jeans or even with white capris or shorts right now, with the heat being all crazy and such. I will share that I felt the sleeves ran rather snug (I know, weird?) so, I went with a large. I dislike snug fitting sleeves and shoulders. Also, this shirt comes in plus sizes,  see the pic below.

So love this!

So in love with this!


2. Merona denim tunic at Target –

A classic tunic for fall.

A classic tunic for fall.

I really like this shirt (or tunic. WHATEVER.). It’s a must for fall and will look great with leggings and boots, white jeans as the model is showing us, or some cute printed skinny jeans (perhaps camo or some other fun print). This shirt did the same thing when I tried it on…it was snug in the sleeves and shoulder area, so you may want to go up a size in this shirt tunic.


3. Merona Tencil denim shirt dress at Target –

Why yes, Target, I'll have one of these.

Why yes, Target, I’ll have one of these.

Really? Why is everything looking so cute for fall? Perhaps it is because I’m ready to be done with wearing my gray t-shirts and I am feeling that it’s time to step it up a notch. You know, actually put on something cute, not just comfy. Anyhoo. This is a cute dress. I can see this looking cute with wedges, some booties, or tall boots. It’s a classic look. You could also wear this with leggings.



4. Crossover Front Top at Target –

It comes in three colors, but I'm partial to this color :)

It comes in three colors, but I’m partial to this color :)

This is a great look. Easy and a little dressier than your plaid or denim shirt. Throw some necklaces on and one or seven bracelets and you’re ready to go!


5. Mossimo Open Cardigan at Target –

Everyone needs a gray cardigan.

Everyone needs a gray cardigan. Period.

Gray? Check. Cardigan? Check. Reasonable price? Check. I see three reasons why this cardigan will work. You know me and gray cardigans. Everyone needs to have one. Or four. This would be great for those cool fall mornings, when it’s a little chilly.


6. Hubby’s birthday –

Definitely one of my favorites was when we celebrated Patrick’s birthday on Wednesday.  Love that man so much and you know me. Birthdays are a BIG DEAL. So, the boys and I finished our shopping the night before and then, on Wednesday, we made Daddy a birthday cake. I’d show you a picture, but I promised him I wouldn’t put any pics on here. He gets a little modest about posting pics of him and such. BUT. I can tell you that we used the two best recipes…Best Cake Ever recipe and Best Frosting Ever recipe. And it was DELISH. He loved his gifts and cake and we had a nice evening making it super special for him.


7. BOOKS. More specifically…Yesterday’s post “What I’m reading lately ~ September” –

One of my favorites. Period.

One of my favorite books.

I wrote a blog post yesterday about all of the books I’m reading. I love books and I’m always looking for suggestions. I’ve decided that each month, I plan to write a post about what I’m reading. I hope you’ll begin to share great books that you’ve read, too! Now, don’t think I have all the time in the world to read. No. It might take me weeks to finish a book, but when I’m sitting at a practice or Nate is working on his “20 minutes of reading” when he gets home from school (and if I’m not getting supper ready), then I’ll steal ten minutes and read, too. If you missed yesterday’s post about some of my favorite books, it’s here…What I’ve been reading lately ~ September. Check it out!


I hope you enjoy the three-day weekend coming up! Perhaps you’ll try out Target’s self-checkout lane when you shop, enjoy time with family and friends, whip up a yummy cake because it’s Labor Day weekend and that gives reason to celebrate, or find a good book to read. Whatever you do, do it great! Have a wonderful weekend!! ~ Angela Banae





  • Michelle
    September 4, 2015

    Between the plaid and the denim I feel like I’m in college again! #whatsoldisnew #nevercleaningoutmyclosetagain 😛

    • Angela Banae
      September 10, 2015

      Oh, Homie! You are right! It’s like going back to the grunge era in college…Nirvana, Doc Martens, and plaid shirts!! Hahaha #lovethegoodoledays

  • Jolee
    September 4, 2015

    I picked up that plaid shirt a few weeks ago! Too funny! And Jen Hatmaker…….love her. Thanks for sharing. So glad you got your blog going again.

    • Angela Banae
      September 10, 2015

      Jolee, we have so much in common!!?? Same plaid shirt? How funny is that? And yes, Jen Hatmaker is da bomb. She’s such a great writer and speaker!! Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 I’m so glad to be back up and running! I still treasure your compliment you said months ago…about loving Fun Friday Favorites. I think YOU are da bomb, girl!

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