Fun Friday Favorites: What I’m reading and cardigans I love

Well, this past week, I’ve missed you dear readers, but I was so busy traveling to Hawaii that I forgot to post.  Except for NOT.  I realize that I’ve been absent and I offer my apologies.  I could go into why I haven’t been on here, but then I’d be rambling on and on about deep thoughts.  I’ll just leave those deep thoughts to Jack Handey.  (He always had great ones.  Remember him?  On Saturday Night Live?  I LOVED him, man.  Loved him.)

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And now, I’ll share with you today’s Fun Friday Favorites.


1.  Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman –

The best devotional book ever.

A great devotional book!

This book.  I have been reading it again and again for over fifteen years.  And it never gets old.  I even write in it.  That’s how I remembered yesterday that fifteen years ago, Patrick and I got engaged. On October 23rd’s page, I penciled in a little heart.  Yes, that was one of the best days ever.  How did he propose?  Oh, I think I’ll save that for my book.  Of course, it was very romantic and involved Patrick hiring an airplane pilot to fly a banner in the sky with the words “Darling Angela, will you marry me?”  (Oh, I kid.  That didn’t happen.)

Anyway, back to this devotional book.  Each day, you have one Bible verse to read and then a devotion that encourages you and reminds you of God’s love, goodness, and grace.  I’ve written many side notes in this book, just to remind myself of things God has done in my life and the prayers He has answered.  Go to your nearest Christian bookstore or get online and order yourself one.  You’ll be happy you did.


2.  IF: Equip

This website is excellent!

This website is excellent!

This past February, I went to a women’s conference right here in Cedar Rapids.  It was amazing.  Life changing.  And so encouraging.  The conference, If: Gathering, was great because there were about 150 of us women and we all enjoyed a Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday watching Jennie Allen and other well-known speakers talk about what God is doing in their lives and what He wants to do in each of our lives.  (The conference was actually going on LIVE in Austin, Texas.  We watched it on simulcast.  It was sooooo awesome.)  After the conference, they created this website as a guide for daily Bible reading.  Friends.  It ROCKS.  You sign up for their emails.  Then, Monday through Friday, you will receive an email of the chapter and verses to read for that day.

You may or may not be like me, but I would try to read my Bible and it was just overwhelming.  Where do I begin?  How much do I read?  How does this pertain to ME in this day and age?

Well, this site is awesome because first, I read the verses in my Bible (or you can just read the verses on the website, but I encourage you to get out a Bible and read right from it.  Underline things that stand out to you.  Highlight whatever speaks to you.  Write up that Bible.).  Then, the site has two gals who discuss what those verses mean and how it pertains to us in this day and age.  Optional:  You can journal in your own notebook or write a comment on the site if you’d like…about what you thought of the verses and what it means to you.  Or you can just read through the comments.  (Just this week, I’ve just started reading the comments and I have even posted a few.  It’s interesting to read what others have gained from God’s Word.)  Up until this week, I didn’t read the comments.  Just do what you can.  God meets us wherever we are and He will speak to you.  I guarantee.

Anyway.  This site has made the Bible easier to read and not overwhelming.  Some days, you just read eight verses, other days more.  But it breaks the Bible down and it has helped me dig into God’s Word more.  Because His Word is so good and encouraging.  Not to mention that sometimes, it’s as juicy and dramatic as Days of Our Lives.  Kind of like a soap opera, at times.  But I guess we all could say that about each of our lives, huh?  We are the Young and The Restless.  (Sorry for the weak joke.)

Sidenote:  We will be having the IF: Gathering conference again February 6th and 7th!  Be watching for more information and how you can sign up.  You will want to be there.


3.  Tribal Woven Open Front Cardigan by Eyeshadow –


I love this print.

I love this print.

I saw this on Von Maur’s website and I just love it.  I’ll tell you.  A few weeks ago, I was out shopping and I saw a lot of this tribal print…I wasn’t sure about it.  But I bought a cardigan similar to this one and I love it.  Tribal prints are definitely “in” for fall.


4.  Love By Design Fuzzy Open Front Cardigan –

So comfy and cozy!

So comfy and cozy!

Oh.  This cardigan would be great with skinny jeans or leggings.  I’m a sucker for fuzzy cardigans.  This color is neutral and would be perfect for that chilly fall day.  Again, you can find this at Von Maur.


5.  Jack by BB Dakota Open Front Sweater with Faux Fur Collar –

Be still my heart.

Be still my heart.

Personally, I feel this falls into the cardigan category, but OPEN FRONT SWEATER.  Okay, whatever.  Anyway.  I have a cardigan open front sweater from this brand (Jack) that I got last year and I just LOVE the fuzzy faux fur collar.  When I wear it, I feel like I’m about to be wrapped up into the softest cocoon ever.  I’m happy to see that Von Maur continues to sell cardigans open front sweaters by this brand because they are sooooo nice.


6.  Soprano Scoop Neck Tee –

These are great layering t-shirts.

These are great layering t-shirts.

I absolutely love the Soprano tees at Von Maur.  I have them in scoop neck tees like the one above.  And long sleeve tees.  And tanks.  And spaghetti strap tanks. (Do they still use the term “spaghetti straps”?)  (I may have just dated myself to the 80’s and 90’s.)  Well, these tops are great for layering or to wear by themselves with just a cute scarf.  And of course, you’ll want one in white, gray, and black.


7.  Good advice, love, and prayers –

These are things that we all love.  This week, I’ve struggled with some fears and worries.  Friends, when we are struggling, we don’t have to do it alone.  Seek out good advice.  From friends and family who care.  Ask for prayers.  God doesn’t expect us to go through life alone.  I’m so blessed to have people praying for me and encouraging me.  Sometimes, I focus on shallow things that are not as big as they seem.  Sometimes, I worry about what others are going to think of me.  (Yes, I thought I’d stop worrying about this back when I finished junior high.  Nope.  Those fears still creep in every now and then.)  I’m grateful that God is good in His mercy and helps me.  I’m grateful for loved ones who offer good advice and prayers.  I hope that I can encourage you.  That’s what a lot of this blog is about.  Not just the fashion (though that is fun and important), not just the perfect yummy recipes.  But in some computer/blog/email kind of way, I hope I can walk beside you and be a blessing to you.  Thank you for being a friend and reader.  I’m grateful for you.


Have a wonderful weekend!  Faith, family, friendships, food, fashion, and fun.  That’s what it’s all about!


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