Fun Friday Favorites: Wonderful Christmas ideas and other positive things (because I can’t keep thinking about mice)

I intend to make this post be 110% positive.  I don’t want to bore you with the fact that my mouse trapping skills are not up to par.  Nor do I care to go into the awful details of me having gastroenteritis (known to you and I as the HORRIBLE stomach flu).  Yes.  It’s been an interesting week at our house.

So, to keep you all in the Christmas cheer, I will only talk HAPPY TALK.  Because no one wants to hear details of my bout with the stomach-flu.  Except for the fact that when it hit me Tuesday morning at about 7 a.m., I made an error.  I showed my cards too early.  As in, I told the boys that I was sick and Maxim promptly stated that his belly hurt, too (along with his head and his knee).  Call me a wimpy mother, but friends.  I had NO energy to question our five year old and I told him he could stay home, too.  Only to find out ten minutes later that I had been bluffed by our sweet little five year old.  (In all fairness, he’s been dealing with stomach issues lately.  He did have a slight tummy ache, but overall, Maxim was just. fine.)  (On another note, Wednesday, he went back to school and I asked him what he told his teacher.  He said, “I told her I was gone yesterday because I was taking care of my mom because she was sick.”  PRECIOUS.)  (On a third note, Hubby was deer hunting so I told Nate Tuesday night that he’d have to get supper for him and Maxim.  Friends, I was feeling so awful that if I had to get off the couch, I had to crawl.  Or run to the bathroom.  It was horrible.  Anyway, Nate proceeded to make supper…soup and corn for himself and nachos for little brother.  DARLING.)  (Can you see why I’m just smitten by our boys?)  (Final note on the flu drama…I had awful symptoms for twelve hours and then, at about 7 p.m., I turned a corner and knew I was going to live.  Thank You, Jesus.)  (On a Hubby note, he offered to come home to help, but by 7 p.m., I knew I was on the road to recovery.  So, he was able to continue the deer hunting extravaganza.  It was a win-win for everyone involved.)

Now that I’ve explained our fun week, I feel the need to share that due to my state of weakness after being ill, I wasn’t in the mood to “window shop” this week.  So, many of today’s Fun Friday Favorites are things that I have and that I absolutely LOVE.  I think they would make great Christmas gifts.  And, hey.  Forward this on to your special someone or share it on their Facebook page and drop a HINT.  We all know that deep down, everyone loves GOOD Christmas gifts. 🙂


1.  “Dakota” Ugg Slippers –

My FAVORITE...UGG slippers

My FAVORITE…UGG slippers

I got this pair of UGG slippers for Christmas last year from from Hubby and oh. my. word.  The Dakota style UGG slippers are my favorite.  They are like soft cushiony bits of heaven on your feet.  The minute I get home, I put these slippers on and as Tina Turner once said, they are “Simply the Best”.  Well worth the price and your feet will thank you.  This photo clip is from Nordstrom.  I know Scheels and Von Maur carry UGG slippers, as well.



2.  The North Face Denali thermal mittens –

The North Face Denali Mittens

The North Face Denali Mittens

I received these last year for Christmas from my father and mother-in-law and I LOVE them!  They are the softest mittens and when you have them on, your hands feel like they’re being snuggled by a soft teddy bear.  Or whatever.  But.  These mittens are the best!  Scheels or Dick’s Sporting Goods usually have these mittens in stock.


3.  Gooseberry Patch cookbooks –

This cookbook has great recipes, gift giving ideas, and shares little stories, too.

This cookbook has great recipes, gift giving ideas, and shares little stories, too.

Last year, my mom and Papa gave me this cookbook for Christmas.  I love good cookbooks and this one is just delightful.  It is chock full of great recipes!  And I love reading the little gift giving ideas and stories they add in the cookbook.  Wrap this up for the baker in your life.  He or she will love it!  I love relaxing at night, wrapped up in a blanket and reading this cookbook.



4.  My Favorite Socks –

SmartWool socks from Scheels...thick, durable, and warm!

SmartWool socks from Scheels…thick, durable, and warm!

I LOVE these socks!  They are so comfortable with a soft sole.

I LOVE these socks from Younkers! They are so comfortable with a soft sole.

Pillow soft sole...?  Yes.  They are.

Pillow soft sole…? Yes. They are.  Younkers has these great socks.

I realize that some people don’t care to receive socks for Christmas.  Well.  I’m not one of them.  I absolutely LOVE getting new socks for Christmas!  And, Santa always gives at least one pair of socks to each of us on Christmas morning.  They are always right by our stockings, wrapped up in fun “Santa” wrapping paper.  The SmartWool socks are pricey, but I have a few (I always go up a size and get the large because they are rather snug fitting) and they are worth the price.  The Relativity SOFTEST SOCKS EVER are at Younkers and you can usually find them on sale…they are my fav.  They feel great on your feet and have a little bit of cushiony-feel on your soles.



5.  Bath & Body Works body cream, shower gel, & hand soaps –

Great moisturizing body cream

Great moisturizing body cream…this is my favorite scent!


I love this shower gel!

I love this shower gel!

Deep cleansing soap

Deep cleansing hand soap…this one smells great!

Once fall and winter hit, I love using Vanilla Bean Noel body cream and shower gel.  It’s so comfy and yummy smelling, plus Bath & Body Works body cream is soooo moisturizing.  The boys and I were in Bath & Body Works the other day and we stocked up on their soaps and some lotions.  Fresh Sparkling Snow smells great!  Right now, all of these items are on sale…a perfect time to stock up.  They make great teacher gifts, grab bag gifts, you name it.  Everyone likes a little Bath & Body Works.


6.  gift cards –

Target gift card...a win for anyone

Target gift card…a win for anyone

Starbucks or Coffeesmiths or their favorite coffee shop...a gift card for a tasty cup of warmth...PERFECT

Starbucks or Coffeesmiths or their favorite coffee shop…a gift card for a tasty cup of warmth…PERFECT

Casey's gift card...perfect for gas, pizza, or whatever!

Casey’s gift card…perfect for gas, pizza, or whatever!

Gift cards make a great gift.  Who doesn’t love having a gift card to spend after Christmas?  They make great gifts for the teacher, bus driver, Sunday School teacher…anyone!  Hubby is a big fan of these and over the years, I have become a big fan, too.  It’s like a gift that never ends.  It just keeps on giving.  Lovely, I say.


7.  Family moments –

This week, I was tickled to find Nate in on our kitchen floor, working on making some Christmas surprises.  I love that he was being so thoughtful and wanting to give some Christmas cheer and joy to others.  Warms my heart!  Check out his big surprise below…

Nate's Christmas surprise he's making to give his caring heart!

Nate’s Christmas surprise he’s making to give away…love his caring heart!


And, Thursday night was a big night.  Maxim came home with his first tooth that he pulled out.  It had been loose for awhile now and he worked on pulling it out on the bus.  He was so proud of his accomplishment!  Wow!

Maxim lost his first tooth!

Maxim lost his first tooth!

Tucking our toothless guy into bed :)

Tucking our toothless guy into bed :)


Today, it was a fun morning…the Tooth Fairy AND Elfie visiting us…we are so lucky!!

This was on Maxim's desk by his bed.  She left coins, dollar bills, AND even let him keep his first tooth!

This was on Maxim’s desk by his bed. She left coins, dollar bills, AND even let him keep his first tooth!

Not to be outdone…Elfie got in on the fun!  He and Tooth Fairy worked together on this set-up.

The boys were THRILLED

The boys were THRILLED!

Elfie is brushing T-Rex's teeth...and there is Tooth Fairy dust everywhere, too!

Elfie is brushing T-Rex’s teeth…and there is Tooth Fairy dust everywhere, too!

Animals are lined up to see Dentist Elfie...

Animals are lined up to see Dentist Elfie…


It’s been a fun end to a not so fun week.  Feeling better and now…if I could only catch Jerry, the mouse…

Hopefully, I’ve helped a little by sharing some Christmas ideas.  As Christmas draws closer, I am praying we stay healthy and remember to slow down.  And enjoy the season.  I need to tell myself this daily.  Because in all of the hustle and bustle, I tend to pile a lot on my plate.  I see our boys so excited about Christmas and hearing them talk about Jesus and celebrating His birthday.  This is what it’s all about.  Praying we all CHOOSE to be filled with joy and full of happiness this Christmas season.  I know I need to make that choice!  Blesings and have a wonderful weekend!


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