Fun Friday Favorites: Busy times and summertime fashion

Friends, you have no idea how busy this week has been. Between Backyard Bible Club, basketball camp for Nate, baseball games for Maxim, track practices for the boys, and the track team supper…I’m feeling like summer is flying by at 200 mph. EEEEEKKKKS!

For starters, I was thrilled that we had about 50+ kids come to our Backyard Bible Club this week. Monday through Wednesday, we met at a park and had fun sharing about Jesus, making crafts, listening to some pirates, and of course, playing lots of fun games.

Maxim and his age group :)

Maxim and his age group…the 5-8 year olds :)

ARRRRRR matey! Pirates sharing the gospel :)

ARRRRRR matey! Pirates sharing the gospel :)


Then, we had the basketball camps. Nate is really enjoying this basketball time and getting to work on his basketball skills and of course, being with his buddies.

Shirts vs. Skins at basketball camp :)

Shirts vs. Skins at basketball camp :)


We have one more week of baseball and Maxim might be needing some prayers. (He’d like to retire.) BLESS. To be honest with you, he is doing great, it’s just not his favorite sport. With two more games, we are encouraging him to be a hitter, not a quitter. #thestruggleisreal

And track. We have State Track this weekend and the boys are PUMPED. UP. (So, is Coach Mom.) The boys will run Saturday and Sunday, even though it might be sweltering HOT on Sunday. I’m trying to be positive and remind them that the summertime heat will only help them stay loose and they’ll ready to run SUPER FAST. They will be ‘warmed up’ for sure.

Those are the activities on the Patterson Planner. We are busy busy busy.

But I’m not too busy for Fun Friday Favorites. So, let’s get to it!

  1. Happy Anniversary Hubby! –
Sixteen years ago we said, "I do!" Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Sixteen years ago we said, “I do!” Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Sixteen years ago, I was glowing as I walked down the aisle to marry my handsome groom.

I wrote about it on Facebook…

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.26.11 PM


2. Betsy Boo’s Boutique –

On Tuesday’s blog, I wrote about my new partnership with Betsy Boo’s Boutique. See link below…

Come shop with me at Betsy Boo’s Boutique!

I am thrilled to begin highlighting this wonderful boutique that is an amazing place to shop! Betsy Boo’s Boutique is a trendy online boutique and I’ll be highlighting lots of fashion from this INCREDIBLE boutique. My friend, Betsy, has been so successful and seeing her dreams come true is one of my favorites! *When you click on my tabs, it takes you to Betsy Boo’s Boutique. If you purchase items, I may receive a small commission because of our partnership. Thank you!!


3.  Samantha Aqua Chiffon Open Cardigan from Betsy Boo’s Boutique – click orange link below…


Samantha Aqua Chiffon Open Cardigan

I love the colors of this cardigan!

I love the colors of this cardigan!

Okay, so it’s not my best picture. AT ALL. (In my defense, I was late for Bunko and I had to ask Nate to “hurry up and take a picture!”) But let’s focus on the darling aqua cardigan. I love the colors and it’s so lightweight! I’m thinking of using it as a swimsuit cover-up, too. So reasonably priced at $35.00! That is a summer deal.

Isn't this super cute?!

Isn’t this super cute?!


4. Laurel Floral Open Chiffon Cardigan from Betsy Boo’s Boutique – click orange link below…

Laurel Floral Open Chiffon Cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for summer!

This cardigan is perfect for summer!

Okay. I got this Laurel Floral chiffon cardigan, too. I haven’t worn it yet, but I figured I’d highlight it because I KNOW you’ll love it. I love the coral colors in it and I’m planning to wear it with my dark denim skinny jeans for a date night or with my white capris. This cardigan is $32.00 and so sheer and lightweight. Easy breezy fashion for the hot summertime. Click on the link above highlighted in orange and it’ll take you right to the site.


5. Baseball Mom Set (tee, tank, & bag) from Betsy Boo’s Boutique – click orange link below…

Set 791: Baseball Mom Set (tee, tank & bag included)

Hey baseball moms! This is for you!

Hey baseball moms! This is for you!

Look at this tee! How cute is THAT?! And the bag! I heart chevron. If your son isn’t looking to retire (like mine is) then, this outfit is for you. Again, reasonably priced at $51. This set is for all of you baseball moms.


6. You Metallic Havaianas from Von Maur –

I love Havianas.

I love Havaianas.

I saw these awhile back and I might have purchased them. In all fairness, I love my Havaianas and I think you will, too. (If you don’t have a pair already.) No link for these sandals, but Von Maur has them in their juniors department.


7. Father’s Day shopping with Nate & Maxim –

These two. Serious shoppers, FOR SURE.

These two. Serious shoppers, FOR SURE.

We went shopping for Daddy yesterday and these two…for the most part…were good little shoppers. We had fun picking out some gifts for Father’s Day. BUT. On more than one occasion, I had to remind them that it was Father’s Day coming up…not Kid’s Day. I might have been asked (more than once) if we could purchase things for them. Football cleats? No. Daddy doesn’t need football cleats in YOUR SIZE. A Stephen Curry jersey in YOUR SIZE? No. Daddy cannot wear a youth basketball jersey, nor is that on his list of things he’s wanting. #goodtimes


And that wraps up Fun Friday Favorites! Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there! Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!  ~ xo Angela Banae


  • Francy Schares
    June 17, 2016

    Thanks for introducing me to Betsy Boo & it’s pretty neat that she runs her business right here in my hometown! Happy 16th Anniversary & best of luck at state track. 💍🌹👟 Hope Patrick loves his Father’s Day gifts!

    • Angela Banae
      June 24, 2016

      So glad you checked out Betsy Boo’s Boutique! Isn’t it GREAT!!??! Thanks for the anniversary wishes 🙂 Hugs my dear!!!

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