Fun Friday Favorites: Gray t-shirts, Iowa hats, garbage day, and devotions with the boys

I realize you were thinking this would be a post involving our St. Pete’s Beach vacation – part 2.  But I have to stick to my Fun Friday Favorites, so stay tuned for part 2 of our vacation next week.  Because we all know that fashion is important.


1.  Old Navy vintage tee


This is on sale right now for $7.00, as opposed to the $9.50.  Listen.  I am a die-hard V-neck tee lover.  As a matter of fact, I wear one almost every day in the summer.  They are so dressy, I know.  In all honesty, sometimes I just like to go to my closet and not have to decide about which shirt to wear.  Other than deciding on light gray or charcoal.  I know.  Real world problems.  Ranks right up there with terrorism and saving the whales.


2.  BKE Stone Belt


I was at The Buckle and saw this belt.  Super cute and would look great with a white Vintage V-neck tee from Old Navy.  (Well, and of course, a pair of jeans.)  It’s $39.95, but I feel like you’d get a lot of use out of it.  It’s not too blingy and not too trendy…therefore, I think it’d fall into the “just right” category.


3.  Robert Rose Mixed Metal Necklace


I bought this at Von Maur and wore it to the Zach Johnson Gala a few weeks ago.  I had on a black maxi dress and I loved how this looked.  It dressed up the maxi and it’s only $28.00.  If you purchase it, you’ll be glad you bought one fashionista thing this summer.  At least that is how I’m feeling about it.


4.  Iowa hat

Love. this. hat.

Love. this. hat.


A few weeks ago, we were out with friends and I got a chance to visit with Kellie Sauser.  She is a craftpreneur and owner of Kathleen Rose Designs.  Kellie started up her great company by selling her items at places like Cedar Rapids Farmer’s Market, Jodi K’s, and Newbo.  And the cool thing…her hats are now being sold at Scheels.  I loved visiting with her about her company and how her dreams are coming true.  Well, this Iowa hat she makes is on my list of things to purchase.  I. Love. It.  (She is making Iowa State colors, as well as UNI colors, also.  Just in case you don’t prefer black and gold…)


5.  Under Armour Boys Logo tee


Von Maur has this tee for $19.99 and you can click and shop from right within your own home.  Or at work.  Or while waiting at the doctor’s office.  Online shopping…it’s so easy.  With back-to-school shopping coming up, I like to do something a little different.  I start to pick up a few things for the boys here and there, rather than just in one big shopping day.  It seems to not break the bank when you spend a little here and a little there.  So, I got this t-shirt (or tee shirt.  Whatever) for Nate.  Because gray.  Have I told you how I love gray?  It goes with all varieties of colors.  Oh, the benefits of gray.


6.  The garbage truck picking up our garbage –

Okay.  I realize that sounds strange.  BUT.  If you were at our home, you’d understand.  We haven’t had our garbage picked up in THREE weeks.  Yes.  Disgusting.  I know.  But here’s the deal.  The first week, we were in Florida and didn’t feel that leaving it out on Sunday when we left would be good, considering Tuesday is garbage day.  (And, it is always windy out here.  I didn’t want our trash blowing all over the neighborhood.)  The next week, it was Fourth of July and we were getting a new garbage pick-up day (Fridays now).  Clearly, I thought everyone would be enjoying our nation’s holiday with a day off so I didn’t put it out on Friday, July 4th.  Well, I was wrong.  They came.  So, last Friday, I was going to get all of our trash out.  Neighbors said this new garbage pick-up service comes early, so I was out at 8 a.m. dragging our trash to the curb.  (I hate to put it out the night before…for fear of trash divers looking through our garbage.  It could happen, you know.)  Welp.  I was too late.  Evidently, they pick up the entire town’s garbage by 7 a.m.  REALLY?

In the meantime, flies have mass produced.  As in there are a gazillion.  Maybe because we had raw chicken meat in the trash.  In my defense, I cleaned out the fridge last Thursday night, thinking I’d have our garbage taken the NEXT DAY.  Then, they didn’t.  So, you can imagine the smell.  By Wednesday of this week, I had to take all garbage cans out of the garage and they sat right outside.  Yes, classy, for those of you driving by.  Seeing big ol’ cans of garbage right outside our garage.  (It’s funny because our neighbors did the same thing.  Maybe they had some nasty smelling raw meat stench smell that they were trying to get rid of, also…)

So, last night (ignore what I said about trash divers.  I was desperate here.), I dragged all of the stinky trash to the curb.  And today.  All our our trash is. Gone.  Thank you, Jesus.  I think you now understand why this is one of my Friday Favorites…


7.  Starting morning devotions with the boys (again) –


I say “again” because we’ve fallen off the wagon this summer.  We haven’t been real consistent in doing devotions together.  I make time for mine, but I haven’t been good about doing them with the boys.  So, yesterday, as we were heading to the gym, I had Nate read aloud from The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers 2 book.  (I realize this is for preschoolers, but it’s easy for us to talk about and it’s a quick read.  Plus, it’s something we already have.  No need to go and buy something new.)  Anyway, Nate read Maxim and I what the day’s devotion was, along with the Bible verse.  And it was so nice.  We talked about things we were thankful for.  What God has blessed us with.  (Nate said, “For God saving me.  When I had the four-wheeler accident”.  Maxim said, “For my legs.  Because I can run.”  And then, I said, “For God giving me the blessing of getting to be your mommy.”)  Those simple, but meaningful moments are what matter.  Sure, life gets busy.  Stressful.  Demanding.  But when we focus on Jesus and all that He has done for us, we’re bound to feel joy.  And I want to teach this to our boys.  God is always there and He wants us to spend time with Him.  Even if it is just seven minutes in the car.


Have a wonderful weekend!!


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