Fun Friday Favorites: Happy Fourth of July!

Hello all!

Happy 4th of July!!  It’s great to be an American!!  As we celebrate our country’s independence, I need to make sure to thank God for all of the blessings He has blessed our nation with.  We live in a country where we have so many freedoms and so many blessings.

To catch you up to date, as you know…it’s been a week since I’ve been on here.  And I’ve missed you all like crazy.  Last weekend, we celebrated Fairfax USA Days and then, on Sunday our family went on vacation.  We got back last night and believe me…I have sooooo much to share.

But that will have to wait until next week.  Because today, it’s all about Fun Friday Favorites.

1.  The Fourth of July – This holiday is a favorite of mine.  We are so blessed with the freedom we have, but that freedom comes with a price…thank you to all of the service men and women who protect our country.  You are brave.  You are amazing.  Thank you for all you do.  Friends, I hope you celebrate this holiday safely and with lots of sparklers and snaps (I loved those things when I was young.  Throwing them at people’s feet to make them jump.).  And  if you think of it, hum a little bit of “This Land Is Your Land” or Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be An American”.  Or perhaps you’re just fancy and want to sing “Yankee Doodle”.  However you celebrate, do it well.


2.  Flag fruit pizza dessert –

Yummy and patriotic!

Yummy and patriotic!

This is not my picture, but I’ve made flag fruit pizza dessert before.  I LOVE pizza dessert and I have an AMAZING recipe (thank you, Mom, for sharing your recipe).  I’ll work on making it this month and when I do, I’ll post pics and the recipe.  Because not all pizza desserts are equal.  I happen to have THE recipe.


3.  Flag tank top –

Festive and fun!

Festive and fun!

I thought this tank was so cute.  (Once again, I’ve got some classy phone photography/technology going on…don’t laugh.  I’m doing the best I can.  Remember, I’m not tech savy.)  Anyway, Nordstrom’s has free shipping and this Flag Graphic Crop Tank by Rossmore is only $26.  Throw it on with some denim cut-offs and you’ve got a patriotic summertime look that will be perfect all summer long.


4.  Havaianas Slim Crystal Glam flip flops –


The best flip flops EVER

The best flip flops EVER

Okay.  I LOVE these flip flops.  I’ve shown the black ones before on my Fun Friday Favorites, but after wearing them on vacation a lot…I feel like I need this silver color.  No blisters, no sore feet…just comfy and stylin’.


5.  Florida –  Ever since I was in 3rd grade (when I visited Florida for the first time), I have loved this state.  I love the sunshine, the ocean, their southern accent, the southern hospitality…I love everything about this state.  I love the Publix grocery stores, seeing Waffle Houses at every other street corner.  AND.  The southern states still appreciate and sell the BEST EVER…Krispy Kreme donuts.  Oh, my.  While running into Publix down at St. Pete’s Beach, I saw this stand…


I could eat these every. single. day.  Oh, how I wish Cedar Rapids would get a Krispy Kreme shop back…


6.  Our resort –

Trade Winds Island Grand Resort

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

We were so happy with TradeWinds Island Grand Resort located right on St. Pete’s Beach.  As I said, next week, I will share all about our vacation.  The TradeWinds is definitely one of my Fun Friday Favorites!  I highly recommend this resort for families.  Allegiant Air has a direct flight to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International and the flight was a breeze.


7.  I know a week ago, I was in the midst of a flooded basement and cleaning up the damage.  One of my favorite things is knowing I had so many people praying for us.  While we were gone, I know my bestie’s basement flooded and ruined everything.  And, so many other people we know had similar situations.  My prayers go out to all who were affected by the flood.  In the midst of struggles, we know that God is there.  He hears our prayers.  Praying for all of you!


Happy Fourth of July and have a wonderful weekend!!!


  • Missy
    July 4, 2014

    Happy Independence Day!!! I love that you love my home state of Florida!! I absolutely love everything you said about it as well 🙂 I can’t wait to move back!! 🙂

    • Angela Banae
      July 5, 2014

      Y’all are moving back, Missy?! How awesome!! Florida is a deep love of mine! And deep down…I think I have some southern roots. That’s the only explanation I can come up with because after being there for a few days, I start to take on a southern accent as well. I have no idea why? I guess I just love how southerners pronounce everything and their phrases like— “y’all” and “Hey honey” and “I’ll be fixin’….” Be still my heart. Love me a little southern accent.
      Hope you guys enjoyed Independence Day!!! 🙂

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