Fun Friday Favorites: I can’t stop thinking about comfy clothes

I think this cooler weather is to blame. And that I’ve been writing from home more this week, rather than going to Coffeesmiths. Therefore, I’ve been all about comfy clothes. Surely, on Sunday afternoon, after your kids have trick-or-treated Saturday night like it was THEIR JOB, you’ll be ready for some comfy clothes to lounge in. At least I will.

Today I’m helping with Maxim’s Halloween parade and party at school. Then, we’ll scoot home for big brother Nate to change into his basketball uniform and head to his game. Tomorrow morning, we’ll be up with the birds and hurry off to Maxim’s basketball game. Then, I’ll be making and baking for Halloween and for my in-laws’ birthday party on Sunday. We will be busy. But I’ll find time to nibble on some Graveyard Bars 🙂

And that brings me to Fun Friday Favorites.


1. Graveyard Bars –

Graveyard Bars...or chocolate chip bars :)

Graveyard Bars…or chocolate chip bars :)

I know I shared the recipe on Wednesday, but if you didn’t check out the blog on Wednesday…do so. You’ll want to make these bars for your little boys and ghouls this weekend. These bars are “to die for” Hahaha 🙂 Graveyard Bars recipe


2. What I’m reading lately –

Sandra Lee's magazine is chock-full of fall baking and cooking and entertaining ideas!

Sandra Lee’s magazine is chock-full of fall baking and cooking and entertaining ideas!

I wrote a post yesterday about the magazines and books we’re reading. I say “we” because I share about a few children’s books and they’d make great Christmas gifts. #startearly Check out my recommendations here:  What I’m reading lately – October edition


3. Cotton leggings from Gap –

These are so comfy.

These are so comfy.

I bought these awhile back when Gap was having a sale (and they are currently having a sale right now, too!). I love the gray color. Throw on an over-sized cardigan or big sweatshirt with these leggings and you are set for LOUNGE MODE.


4. More cotton leggings from Gap –

Yes. These are great, too.

Yes. These are great, too.

Okay. These might be my favorite ones EVER. I got the blue fairisle and they are soooo cozy and soft. Plus, a nice switch from my usual gray. And. They are on sale. And when you enter code STYLE, you’ll get 35% off your purchase. Friends, that is what you call a GREEN LIGHT.


5. Pure Body open cardigan from Gap –

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.30.26 PM

With the 35% off discount, this makes the cardigan a better price. You can wear this with jeans, leggings, or with the lounge leggings that I highlighted early. See the pic below…


Doesn't this look great?!

Doesn’t this look great?!


6. Barefoot Dreams Drape Front Cardigan from Nordstrom –

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.45.43 PM

YES. I’ve shared this item before, but FRIENDS. You have no idea how much I adore my Barefoot Dreams cardigan! And watch for sales on Nordstrom’s online site…that’ll justify the price (which is how I bought mine over the summer).



And because I am all about comfort, sometimes, I wear a hot mess of an outfit. But I can own it. Hahaha 🙂

Yep. Stripes and stripes and more stripes. #allaboutcomfort

Yep. Stripes and stripes and more stripes.

Never mind my horrible picture taking skills. Nor the serious look on my face.#concentrating


7. Buffalo checkered PJ pants from Gap –

I love these pajama pants for men.

I love these pajama pants for men.

I always pick up a pair of pajama pants for Hubby each fall/winter. I like the blue and green buffalo check in these pants. Plus, Gap pajama pants hold up well.


Enjoy those little trick-or-treaters and be a good mom and BEG for all of their Hershey chocolate bars (instead of snitching them out of their buckets). Then, as you nibble on your kids’ Halloween candy, curled up in your comfy clothes, you can get excited about this…

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 8.59.25 AM

If Saturday night it too early for you to think about Christmas and The Hallmark Channel, then wait until Sunday night.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 9.01.26 AM

Yes. I heart the holidays. 🙂

But for now…Happy Halloween! xo Angela Banae





  • Penny
    October 30, 2015

    I love comfy clothes myself and the graveyard recipe is adorable 🙂

    • Angela Banae
      November 5, 2015

      Hi Penny!
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! Yes!!! I cannot get enough of the comfy clothes scene! 🙂 Perfect for these cool, fall days! And especially as I want to hibernate in the house with the Hallmark channel now showing Christmas movies!

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